Animoca CEO Yung Predicts Console Style Web3 Games

Animoca CEO Yung Predicts Console Style Web3 Games

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung predicts a shift in web3 and play-to-earn games in the coming year, talks on the metaverse, and shares valuable insights.

The gaming industry is evolving towards a hybrid approach to recognize the strength of mobile and casual gaming sectors, which together account for half of the market. Play-to-earn and casual games have dominated the Web3 market in recent years, however, Robby Yung, CEO of Animoca Brands predicts a revolutionary change in the gaming industry. Animoca Brands, the developer of the play-to-earn game The Sandbox, intends to step into the metaverse ecosystem.

Animoca Brands to Revolutionize the Metaverse

The developer comes up with the concept of a decentralized metaverse in contrast to some tech giants advocating for centralized platforms.

Yung said at the Proof of Talk conference in Paris, \”Next year, we\’re likely to see more triple-A console-style games come out.\” Even though the only games in this genre right now are Life Beyond, Devourers, and Phantom Galaxies.\”

Life Beyond

According to Yung, One of Animoca Brands\’ most trailblazing games, Life Beyond, is \”particularly interesting to watch\” as it evolves from early alpha testing to full launch.

Benjamin Charbit started the company and worked on Assassin\’s Creed for Ubisoft. He says that the game\’s story and content will \”appeal to more traditional gamers.\” He then talked about how trustworthy the developers were and how long the team had been making very immersive games.

Revv Ecosystem

Another game project that excites Yung is the Revv ecosystem. The Rev token ecosystem unites all the games they produced including Revv Racing, Moto GP, Formula E, and other games. Within the next six months, this ecosystem will experience a rapid change in trends and players\’ preferences.

According to Animoca Brands, those games may help attract traditional gamers, who have been uncertain or even not satisfied with innovatory Web3 games.

Gamers are always worried about how games work and what they look like, as we saw with Ubisoft and blockchain games.

Yung said it was like how mobile games have grown. \”When mobile gaming came out for the first time in 2009, we saw that a large number of gamers don\’t like change.\” At the time, \”many gamers, especially those who used consoles, thought that playing games on a small smartphone screen wasn\’t real gaming.\”

Yung Briefly Explained the Vision of Animoca Brands

Yung thinks that the gaming industry has a bright future ahead of it because people like mobile and social games, which make up half of the market. There are many different kinds of games and platforms in the gaming business.

He said that as technology gets better, blockchain and non-fungible tokens will become full parts of new game models that combine traditional and blockchain gaming.

Animoca Brands is a global network of 13 studios that make a wide range of products, such as Web3 games and platforms for the metaverse. Some of the best games ever made are The Sandbox, Phantom Galaxies, Life Beyond, and Crazy Defense Warriors.

Even though Animoca Brands is well-known in the gaming industry, Yung showed a much bigger and more ambitious business plan. He also made plans for big growth and expansion that were well thought out. Animoca Brands changed Tiny Tap from Web2 to Web3 as one of its new ideas. Teachers can set up online classes on this platform and get paid in currency tokens.

Also, the company will keep promoting its idea of an open, decentralized metaverse as an alternative to platforms that are run by a few people. It looks like the company is following in the footsteps of other players, such as Meta. Robby Yung says it\’s very important to define what we mean by \”metaverse.\” \”It would be better to just call it VR, because that\’s mostly what the Meta vision is about.\”

Still, the CEO of Animoca Brands is \”highly hopeful\” about the metaverse. \”The closed and centralized definition of the metaverse is no longer valid,\” he says.

US Global Regulatory Environment

Regulations have been making things hard for the Web3 industry, which includes the crypto industry. Robby Yung talked a lot about how investors are wary and hesitant because the rules aren\’t clear. Right now, the U.S. is less important than it used to be, and that \”affects our business growth strategy,\” he said. Even though the US has always been a key part of our global strategy, it is harder to invest there now because of how uncertain things are.

Robby Yung says that blockchain integration is necessary to protect the \”true essence of the metaverse.\” \”Content collaboration is a key part of the metaverse, and Blockchain makes it possible,\” he said. \”It wouldn\’t be a real metaverse if people couldn\’t talk to each other. It would only be a program.\”

France has become an important place for Web3 to take place. More than government actions, this is because there are skilled businesspeople who have been working in the field for years, even before the 2017 NFT boom. Because so many talented people live in France and want to start their own businesses, the French ecosystem has reached a critical mass. Animoca Brands will carefully look at US global regulations to make sure they fit in, and they will keep making new products.

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Yung predicts a shift in web3 and play-to-earn games in the coming year, talks on the metaverse, and shares valuable insights.

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Animoca CEO Yung Predicts Console Style Web3 Games

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The metaverse offers a dynamic hero NFT system, encompassing various elements such as pets, lands, PvP (Player vs. Player) encounters, and Play2Earn experiences. It integrates top-tier decentralized applications (DApps) accessible through interactive AI NPCs (non-playable characters) to enrich the metaverse\’s depth. Upcoming features include derivatives, Ve(3,3), and lotteries. The Marketplace enables seamless token swaps at current exchange rates and provides opportunities for liquidity providers to earn fees through staking LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens in the Farms.

In the Song of Rising metaverse, Heroes are not just collectibles but fully-fledged RPG (Role-Playing Game) characters with stats, resources, and a leveling system. These Heroes engage in various professions, quests, and battles, serving as central gameplay elements and sources of diverse rewards. New Heroes are created through the fusion of two existing ones in the sacred church, inheriting their attributes and professions. The Hero Market facilitates trading, renting, and sending Heroes, while the Marketplace allows token exchange, enhancing the economic vibrancy of the metaverse.

The metaverse\’s lore is set in a post-apocalyptic world following the cataclysmic event of Ragnarok. In this harsh environment, courageous Heroes emerge as leaders, guiding humanity to reclaim the land by establishing farms, shelters, and order amid the chaos.

Gameplay in Song of Rising revolves around Heroes, utility-based NFTs with diverse functions. They participate in Professions Quests to earn in-game resources called JEWEL and advance their profession skills. Progression unlocks higher Hero levels at the Meditation Circle. Heroes can pair up to summon new ones, with classes, stats, and rarity influenced by the infusing Heroes. They also engage in PVE quests against formidable adversaries. The NFT Agent in the Tavern facilitates Hero trading, rentals, and sales. Quests like Gold Mining and Foraging enable resource acquisition, which can be sold for gold or exchanged for RUBY in the Marketplace. Training quests focus on honing specific stats to add depth to Hero development.

In terms of tokenomics, $RUBY serves as the primary in-game value token, offering unique utility. $GOLD is the in-game currency for trading items, and $SoulShards are essential for summoning Heroes.

The Song of Rising community has responded positively, expressing excitement and support for the project\’s development and contributions to the web3 ecosystem.

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