Blast Off to Adventure: Space Nation Online Launches Alpha Test Next Month!

Blast Off to Adventure: Space Nation Online Launches Alpha Test Next Month!

The revolutionary Web3 massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Space Nation Online is taking the gaming world by storm with release of Alpha test

Space Nation Online is an innovative Web3 massively multiplayer online (MMO) game created by veterans of the video gaming and film industries. The week-long alpha test, according to Space Nation CEO Jerome Wu in an interview, will offer a look into the extensive plot of the MMO and allow players to learn about the background of the new human society through interaction with non-player characters, missions, and product descriptions.

Furthermore, players will observe their character\’s development through ship assembly and item gathering, which results in gameplay improvements. The business will test multiplayer during alpha, enabling users to communicate with one another in the port hall and environment.

A Sneak Peek Before the Alpha Test

Space Nation Online is a larger intellectual property that is taking the gaming world by storm since last few weeks ago. According to Wu, it is developing an MMO, more video games, a movie, and an animated television series. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and a \”tokenomics\” economy link it all together.

Wu worked as a developer on World of Warcraft for a long period. Director of Independence Day Roland Emmerich, Warframe collaborator Tony Tang, and The Thirteenth-Floor producer Marco Weber are co-founders. They are developing a space opera plot for Space Nation Online, which sets in a unique sci-fi setting. They want to develop a space-based version of World of Warcraft. Instead of focusing on the Web3 features, their strategy is to have fun. They have been producing for almost three years and are the most recent fusion of gaming and Hollywood.


Wu said that he has been playing video games for 20 years and was fortunate enough to be the very first player of World of Warcraft in China when asked about his motivation. He assisted in the game\’s debut and was appointed as World of Warcraft\’s first product manager. He spent over ten years developing the game.

According to Wu, Half of Tang\’s 16 years in the gaming business were spent working on MMORPGs like Warframe. Role-playing games are advancing with Web3 because it benefits the ecosystem as a whole. He respects athletes who play for enjoyment, but he is aware that others may want to participate for financial gain. A successful game requires both sorts of players because they can create vibrant, solid economic and social bonds both within the game and outside of it.

Web3 Content

Epic battles will feature in the game, and players will try out third-person vehicle shooting action to see how well their abilities and tactics work. The game will have a robust and sustainable open economy, providing players with a dynamic and gratifying gaming experience, as well as a wealthy environment. The game makes use of Web3 technology and tools to boost the game ecosystem, catering to Web2 gamers as well as Web3 users.

Numerous Web3 gamers and sci-fi fans will receive access passes to the Alpha through a program on the official website that is governed by predetermined guidelines. As a credential for Alpha, the corporation will offer an \”Alpha Gate\” NFT that is free to mint.


The adventure of Space Nation takes place in the Telikos Cluster, a remote collection of stars in the outer depths of space.

In a world that Emmerich imagined, Space Nation depicts the narrative of survivors, builders, and fighters. You may board your spacecraft and get ready to go to the depths of space. You are pushed into a state of hibernation after your home world is destroyed.

Space and Ownership

In Wu\’s opinion, an MMORPG is the most challenging sort of Web3 game to create, but it also has the most potential for success if it gains traction. In addition to digital asset ownership, accessibility, and governance, Wu thinks Web3 needs to provide entertainment for gamers. Additionally, if one Web3 game succeeds, it may also help other Web3 games that have a link to it by tokens.

The most significant items in the game are the three main kinds of spacecraft. Additionally, there are seven distinct ship levels. Tier 0 ships are available to players without charge. Like motherships, the higher tiers are accessible to guilds. And only other players in the game can construct the higher levels of ships. The length of the ships can range from 30 meters to 20 km. The crew wants to have more than 100 ships by the time of launch.

The Roadmap and Ambitious Goals

Wu stated that the firm will reveal its approach and partners later on concerning the Web3 infrastructure choices.

Players can sign in using Metamask or any Web3 wallet for users to connect the wallet by instantly connecting the gaming account. This implies that gamers with Bitcoin holdings may simply access the game and engage in its economy. Wu estimates that the game is probably 70% complete. Early next year, a closed beta is coming. However, the actual game will debut next year, maybe in the second quarter.


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Blast Off to Adventure: Space Nation Online Launches Alpha Test Next Month!

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