Cross the Ages: Mobile NFT Card Game 2023

Cross the Ages: Mobile NFT Card Game 2023

Check out the In-Depth Guide to the Card Game Cross the Ages, which lets players mint their cards as NFTs on the Immutable X blockchain.

Cross the Ages is an innovative and captivating mobile card game that introduces players to a realm of fantasy battles and deck-building strategies. Unlike traditional collectible card games (CCGs), Cross the Ages brings a fresh perspective and incorporates elements of the blockchain, allowing players to mint their cards as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Immutable X blockchain. While the game offers NFT features, they are entirely optional and do not disrupt the balanced gameplay experience. Whether you choose to delve into the world of NFTs or not, Cross the Ages is an immersive and engaging experience that caters to both casual players and competitive strategists.

Upon starting the game, players are provided with a base deck to embark on their card-battling journey. As they progress through the game, new cards will gradually unlock, providing an ever-expanding collection to explore and utilize. What sets Cross the Ages apart from its counterparts is the meticulous attention to the gameplay mechanics. Each card possesses a power level that determines its ability to control other cards on the battlefield. However, the complexity does not end there. Cards are also associated with elemental attributes, which significantly impact their power when attacking other cards.

Cross the Ages Gameplay Mechanics

A unique tool called the \”heptagram\” is used in the game to help match up the elements. Players can use the heptagram to figure out if a card they want to play is stronger or weaker than the card they want to play against. When a nature card attacks an earth card, for example, it gains 150 power, which is shown by the green line connecting the two on the heptagram. When a nature card faces a fire card, its power goes down by 150, as shown by the red line. This interaction between the elements is what makes Cross the Ages a strategic game.

As the game goes on, players will find affinities and trinities, which will add to the strategic depth. On the heptagram, the purple line stands for similarities. When a player has access to two cards with the same affinity and control, they each get 100 power. This interaction makes the cards stronger and rewards players who know how to position and control their cards well.

This idea is taken to a whole new level by trinities. If a player has three cards that are next to each other on the heptagram, like air, nature, and earth, they get an extra 100 power for each card and more points toward winning. In Cross the Ages, players can earn points by controlling cards and putting them into groups of three. This makes the board dynamic and always changing, so players have to outmaneuver their opponents.


Cross the Ages is a flexible game that can be played on many different platforms. It is mostly made for iOS and Android phones and tablets, but Windows and Mac computers and laptops can also be used to play it. Cross the Ages is easy to move from one platform to another, so players can get lost in its exciting world no matter what platform they use.

Have Fun Without any NFTs

The Immutable X blockchain adds a new layer of innovation and possible rewards to the game. Players can have their cards made into NFTs, which adds a unique digital ownership element to their card collections. It is important to note, though, that this integration is not required. Players can fully enjoy Cross the Ages without using a cryptocurrency wallet or joining the NFT ecosystem.

As they play Cross the Ages, players will find a lot of tools that will help them beat their opponents in online multiplayer battles. To move up the ranks and become the best, you need to know how to build your deck, use card synergies, and come up with detailed strategies. Because the game is deep and has a lot of moving parts, each battle is exciting and intellectually stimulating.

Minting Cards in Cross the Ages

There are several steps to making NFTs from cards. Trisel is a card that can be used to buy things in the game. It needs an upgrade in the crafting section. This makes the card stronger, which is very important before minting. To make a card, you have to pay $1 in the game\’s own currency, called CTA. When a player signs up for a game, an in-game hot wallet is made for them, and the NFT is sent to this wallet.

You can also make NFTs and redeem digital cards with shards. For example, you can get an exclusive ruby card by trading 20 ruby shards. You can only get these shards through the Cross the Ages Mint Pass or the Tokyo Chest.

Cross the Ages: Mobile NFT Card Game

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Cross the Ages: Mobile NFT Card Game 2023

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