DeFiTankLand – Best NFT Game

DeFiTankLand – Best NFT Game

DeFiTankLand is a perfect gaming-based decentralized economic policy that insures price stability and long term growth

You need at least one tank with enough energy to play the game

While enjoying the game, you can gain merit to become a winner in daily rounds, grow NFT tanks to compete with friends, and earn good profits by selling them in the marketplace.

You can grow your tank level as you play the game. Once your tank becomes upgradeable (level up in game), you can upgrade your NFT on the blockchain.

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DeFiTankLand – Best NFT Game

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Elpis Battle: Binance Smart Chain Turn-Based RPG NFT Game

Elpis Battle sounds like an interesting turn-based RPG NFT game with its own unique features and lore. It\’s built on the Binance Smart Chain network and is the product of two game studios from Southeast Asia. The game offers players the opportunity to explore a fantasy realm, engage in tactical battles, and participate in an in-game economy with diverse rewards. The inclusion of different races and the ability to curate a group of characters adds an element of customization and strategy to the gameplay. Quests, boss raids, and an immersive storyline provide various avenues for player engagement, making it a potentially rich gaming experience. One notable aspect of Elpis Battle is its ambition to create an expansive metaverse, with the game serving as its initial cornerstone. This suggests a long-term vision for the project beyond just a single game. The use of a DAO governance model is an interesting approach to decision-making and value distribution within the ecosystem, involving developers, investors, players, and the community in shaping the game\’s future. The lore of the game, which includes an ancient cataclysm and the Conjunction of the Spheres, adds depth to the world-building and backstory of Elpis Battle. The gameplay features like Dungeon mode, PvP battles, and the Raid Boss event offer different types of challenges and rewards to keep players engaged. The concept of NFT Heroes and their ability to reproduce adds an additional layer of complexity to the game\’s mechanics. The dual-token system, with $MEG as an in-game currency and $EBA for decentralized governance, is a common approach in blockchain-based games, providing both utility and governance functionalities. Based on the limited community responses provided, it seems that some players are excited about the game and its potential, particularly with regards to the $EBA token. However, it\’s essential to conduct your research and due diligence before getting involved with any blockchain-based game or cryptocurrency, as the space can be volatile and subject to risks. Overall, Elpis Battle appears to be a promising project for those interested in blockchain gaming and NFTs, but it\’s essential to stay updated on its development and community feedback for a more comprehensive assessment.

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Battle Leet – Game Review

Battle Leet, a 3D PvP skill-based arena game on the BNB Chain, challenges players to combat fellow NFT Leets in thrilling battles. GMR\’s flagship offering, Battle Leet, is an arena-based combat game intricately woven into the BNB Chain. This 3D PvP skill-based game pits Leet against Leet, introducing an array of strategies and tactics in a dynamic arena. Players delve into the Play-to-Earn and Play-to-Create ecosystem, securing victory in rounds to earn $GMR and collect Parts.

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Rune Seeker: Blockchain Strategy Card Game in Norse Mythology

\”Rune Seeker\” is a modern strategy card game that combines elements of turn-based strategy with blockchain technology. It is set in the enchanting realm of Norse Mythology and is scheduled to be launched on the Avalanche blockchain. This choice of blockchain ensures speed, scalability, and the ability to accommodate a large number of concurrent users. The game has received support from Ava Labs, emphasizing its goal of bringing true ownership to the world of card gaming. The game\’s lore is set in the Age of Origin, where ancient gods shaped the world, but conflicts among their creations led to chaos. To restore balance, new races emerged, and the game\’s storyline revolves around the struggle to prevent a cataclysmic war caused by the god Nul and the discovery of powerful runestones called \”The Fallen Runes.\” In terms of gameplay, \”Rune Seeker\” introduces dynamic elements like terrain and runes, which offer various strategic possibilities. Each match begins with commanders deploying three units on random map-generated tiles. Units are affected by their elemental surroundings, aligning with Earth, Water, Fire, and Air principles. The game consists of 3-4 rounds, each with Command and Action phases. Commanders strategically position champions and use runes to direct units and manipulate terrain. The Action Phase involves executing actions such as attack, defense, transformation, fusion, or summoning. Victory is achieved by eliminating all enemy units or depleting runes. Matches may accelerate after three rounds, triggering the \”Land of Chaos.\” Mastery of the game\’s intricacies is crucial for success. Players can engage in real-time PvP combat in the Battle Arena, embark on PvE adventures in dungeons to uncover the game\’s lore, and participate in special campaigns and side quests.

Regarding tokenomics, the game adopts a non-inflationary model. Players do not earn tokens through a Free-to-Play model, preventing token saturation as new players join. Token generation during vesting is also absent, with 45% of the total $RUNES supply gradually entering the market over the initial 1.5 years, including contributions from initial investors and a liquidity pool. Seed Investors have access to a specialized staking program, adding incentives for long-term holders.

The community response to \”Rune Seeker\” has been mixed, with some players expressing their enjoyment of the game, while others criticize aspects such as character design. However, the game\’s Norse mythology stories have garnered positive feedback.

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Galaxy Survivor: 3D Metaverse P2E NFT GameFi on Avalanche

\”Galaxy Survivor\” is a cutting-edge 3D metaverse Play2Earn NFT GameFi, set in a futuristic sci-fi universe on the Avalanche blockchain. The game revolves around interstellar civilizations competing for supremacy in The Galactic Metaverse, using advanced technology and Galaxy (GLXY) token NFTs to build space crafts and engage in real-time strategy battles. Players can choose their allegiance among three warring galactic empires, each with unique attributes and technologies. In the game\’s lore, three powerful empires, Atropos, Lachesis, and Morta, once coexisted peacefully until an event called the Apocalypse devastated their civilizations, leading to intense rivalry. Atropos turned to lethal MUN weapons, Lachesis employed artistic warships armed with LASER technology, and Morta harnessed the enigmatic Quantum Force. Players must lead their chosen faction to victory in this fractured galaxy. The gameplay offers various modes, including Single-Player (Campaign and Bounty Hunter) and Multi-Player (World Boss). Each player begins with a unique Mothership tied to their chosen Empire and can engage in strategic combat and fleet construction. The game\’s three in-game modes offer a rich gaming experience. The tokenomics of Galaxy Survivor consist of a dual-token system: $GLXY and $SURV. $GLXY serves as the game\’s official currency and is used in the Marketplace, Limited Box Sale, Special Events, Staking, and Farming. On the other hand, $SURV is a utility token obtainable and usable within the game\’s ecosystem. Players can earn $SURV through various in-game activities, adding depth to the gameplay. Community response to the project has been highly positive, with participants praising the professionalism of the development team and the project\’s potential. \”Galaxy Survivor\” presents a captivating blend of NFT gaming, blockchain technology, and immersive sci-fi storytelling, offering players a unique and engaging gaming experience in the metaverse.

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