Epic Clashes and Mythical Wonders: Conquer the World of Axie Infinity: Raylights

Epic Clashes and Mythical Wonders: Conquer the World of Axie Infinity: Raylights

With the release of Chapter 2: Garden of Friends, the exciting web3 game Axie Infinity: Raylights shows off new features and lands NFTs.

The Web3 game Axie Infinity: Raylights, which takes place in the Axie world, is said to have gotten a new chapter from Quicksave Interactive. Enter the magical world of Axie Infinity: Raylights, where players can work with other Axie owners to plant minerals, find new combinations, use Axie\’s mineral knowledge, grow amazing plants, and design the most beautiful land plots in Lunacia.

Axie Infinity: Raylights Introduces In-game Monetization

Elina Arponen, the CEO of Quicksave Interactive, said that Chapter 2: Garden of Friends would combine making money in the game and playing against other people. For the first time, users would be able to sell the things they do in games.
The creator of Web3 game Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis, said that Axie Infinity: Raylights will come out in October 2022. Land non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are used in this one-of-a-kind minigame. Quicksave made the Land NFTs for the game, which were the most important parts of the world of Axie Infinity. It\’s the same as Axies, which can be used in an infinite number of ways.
In Raylights, players can build, grow, and find different plants to make their land look better. As they get better, they will be able to use more materials, add more layers, and show additional plants.

Second Chapter Features Multiplayer Gaming

In this chapter, landowners can now make money from sales on their land, and players can use Sky Mavis\’ Ronin tokens to buy power-up gems. It also shows the game\’s second chapter, Garden of Friends, which adds a multiplayer mode and other new features, like Biocharge, that make the game more strategic. In the second chapter, multiplayer games are added, which is one of the most important changes to the game. Now that players can work together to make a single plot, they can work as a team and learn together. This multiplayer feature gives players more ways to interact and take part in the game. It makes them feel more like a community.

Arponen said, \”We are very interested in how the community reacts to this new thing [revenue sharing] in action, and we continue to listen to the community about where we should go.\” \”We think that making a blockchain game should mean using fully decentralized and open structures. This way, everyone in the ecosystem can benefit.\”

Ronin Tokens Allows Access to Power-up Gems

In Raylights, the Axie characters have to take care of their land by growing and caring for heavenly plants. At the moment, you can buy power-up gems with Ronin tokens. The landowners will get a small share of the price of everything that is bought on their land.

In Raylights Chapter 2: Garden of Friends, players can ask their friends to help them take care of their plot. This gives players more chances to talk to each other while they play. They can let more than one player work on building and decorating the same plot at the same time.

Players can mix minerals, break codes, and find beautiful plants with their friends while enjoying the art made by the community as a whole.

About Axie Infinity: Raylights

Even though Axie Infinity: Raylights is still in early access, the whole Axie Infinity universe has been more successful than ever. Sky Mavis says that the game has made more than $1 billion, which shows how big the Axie Infinity ecosystem is and how much it can grow.

As players enter the \”Garden of Friends\” chapter, they find new ways to make money and play with other people. This shows that Axie Infinity: Raylights\’ commitment to new ideas and interesting gameplay. Axie Infinity is still one of the best Web3 games because it is getting more and more popular and has a loyal fan base.

As you get better, you\’ll be able to unlock more minerals, special cooking techniques, and interesting minerals and plants that are only available during certain seasons. You can start using Raylights right now, right from your browser. There\’s nothing you need to download or set up.

Raylights Game Tips and Tricks

The mini-game has three primary components. Users have to sow seeds, tend to their gardens, and nurture a variety of plants. The three components are summarized as follows:

Land Cultivation

We must first go back to the time of World of Lunacia to find out why land cultivation is crucial. The first part of Lunacia features the Raylights mini-game. As a result, the Axies must devise means of surviving, including learning how to labor in the fields and cultivate the soil.

Nursery for Seedlings

Plants need the ideal conditions to flourish once they seed the minerals. This is where Raylights\’ plan to establish seedling nurseries comes into play. A different combination of minerals will be use to create each nursery. This combination represents what plants they can cultivate here and how well they will thrive. Additionally, Axies will be in charge of all nurseries.

Raylights Contain Minerals

There are 10 distinct minerals in raylights that Nature contains. They plans cultivate plants in nurseries after they gets scatter. Among the 10 minerals discovered here are Aqua, Beastium, Edentine, Amber, Serpentine, Aerium, Solar, Obsidian, Mechanium, and Citrine.

Axie Infinity Raylights Introduces Exciting Gaming Features in Chapter 2 Garden of Friends

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Epic Clashes and Mythical Wonders: Conquer the World of Axie Infinity: Raylights

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