Eternal Dragons Introduces a New Affinity: Void Affinity.

Eternal Dragons Introduces a New Affinity: Void Affinity.

Eternal Dragons keeps adding new and interesting things to its already large library of in-game content. Another exciting surprise is about to be revealed in Eternal Dragons, adding to the recent rush of Eternal Dragons reveals. With the new Void Affinity, they now have a total of nine in-game associations. Now, players can use Void Affinity against their opponents to come up with ways to win. But making a plan that works is not part of the game. In the NFT game, each affinity only comes up less than half of the time.

Let\’s take a look at how Void Affinity can help players. With Void Affinity, you can beat your opponents by making their carefully thought-out plans fail. As you get more Void Affinity in the game, you\’ll be able to take away more of your opponents\’ Affinity. Teams that are well-defended and use Ice and Metal Affinities won\’t let you down. Slayers who have a lot of Fire Affinities also have a high chance of getting a critical hit. Players can change the way the fight goes by using the Void Affinity.

By putting together three levels of Void Affinity, you can even remove an enemy unit from the board, making your opponent\’s situation much worse. If you want an edge, don\’t ignore this skill that could change the game. Use the Void Affinity as part of your game plan to completely destroy your opponent\’s team.

Interesting Facts About Affinity Bonuses in Eternal Dragons

Every Genesis Eternal Dragon can have one of the nine classes, five rarities, or one of the five traits. The dragon\’s class determines how it looks and how flexible it is. The dragon\’s affinity determines what color it is mostly. The dragon will have a lot of different traits and special skills that will help it in battle. Its power will depend on how rare these traits and skills are.

Reviewing the exciting facts concerning affinity bonuses:

  • Used before roars at the beginning of combat.
  • No matter what happens to units during battle, passive affinity bonuses remain in place.
  • The effects of affinity boosts are tri-leveled.
  • You need to have more than one unit of the same affinity to receive an affinity-level benefit.
  • You receive the level 1 benefit when two units have the same affinity.
  • The level 2 benefit is achievable when 4 units have the same affinity.
  • You receive the level 3 benefit when six units have the same affinity.

Bonus in Void Affinity

  • The enemy team loses 1 affinity bonus.
  • 1 enemy unit starts combat with 1 duration of Banish at random.
  • The enemy team loses 1 more affinity bonus.
  • At level 3, the enemy team has 2 fewer affinity bonuses.

Eternal Dragons: Alpha League Season 3

Eternal Dragons talk about what they want to do in the next part of the auto-battler adventure, since they are a solid source of information and help improve the game format. After NFT Integration Lite was added to the game and became very popular, they made some interesting changes. Soon, only Genesis Dragon Holders will be able to do a special PvE quest in NFT Integration Lite. This quest is currently only available in PvP Tournaments and PvE mode. Please know that NFT Integration Lite isn\’t working in the PvP League right now. Come here to fight for Eternium and Descendant Eggs.

How Does Lite NFT Integration Work?

Here\’s a quick rundown of how Lite NFT Integration makes an event feel more real:

Genesis Dragons Holdings: At the beginning of each game, the player\’s collection of Genesis Dragons will be counted. Notably, dragons for sale will not be taken into account. The players\’ pockets that are tied to their names will be looked at.

Influence on Shop Rolls: When players go to the in-game store, they can use a standard formula to figure out which star-level units are available. At this point, the light NFT link starts to work. The more Dragons of a certain star level (a measure of how rare they are), a person is more likely to get one.

By adding this early NFT integration, which will set the standard for the Web3 experience, Eternal Dragons shows that they are committed to making it easy to use NFTs in the game.

During the Alpha time, Eternal Dragons appreciates the feedback because it helps them learn more about the game and make it better. They are working on a bracketing system that will split the league into different skill levels and let players move up as they get better. They are also looking into alternatives to the current \”total wins\” system so that they can build a system that rewards both talent and hard work.

So, Dragoneers, get ready to go into the Void this week, and stay tuned for more exciting news from the Eternal Dragons.

Eternal Dragons Introduces a New Affinity: Void Affinity.

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Eternal Dragons Introduces a New Affinity: Void Affinity.

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