From Dragons to Unicorns: Laguna Games\’ Bold Leap into Web3

From Dragons to Unicorns: Laguna Games\’ Bold Leap into Web3

Embracing the Web3 Revolution and Rejecting Game of Thrones: The Audacious Journey of Laguna Games from NFT Dragons to Unicorns.

In the vast landscape of the gaming industry, where established franchises reign supreme, Laguna Games embarked on a daring adventure that led them from the realm of dragons to the enchanting world of unicorns. The decision to reject the allure of working on the legendary \”Game of Thrones\” IP in favor of creating their own NFT game, Crypto Unicorns, showcases their audacity to explore new frontiers and embrace the Web3 revolution.

When faced with the crossroads that have perplexed many studios before them. Laguna Games had to decide between the relative safety of joining forces with a major company and working on a renowned IP or daring to tread uncharted paths. They got the opportunity to explore the captivating world of \”Game of Thrones\” and join the ranks of Warner Bros. Games. However, Laguna Games chose a different path, one that promised unbounded creativity and limitless possibilities—the realm of Crypto Unicorns.

The fusion of the iconic \”Game of Thrones\” franchise with the world of NFTs proved to be a turbulent endeavor, as the project\’s artwork received resoundingly negative reactions. In partnership with marketplace Nifty\’s and startup Daz3D, the \”Build Your Realm\” collectibles series aimed to captivate fans and enthusiasts. However, the artwork fell short of expectations, with one influencer even deeming it \”the worst thing I\’ve ever seen.\”

Laguna Games\’ CEO Expressed His Vision

Aron Beierschmitt, CEO of Laguna Games, expressed his motivations concisely, \”We didn\’t start this company to just get jobs at WB.\” While recognizing the allure of working on such an exciting project, the team was more enticed by the chance to build within the Web3 world, where the constraints of established IPs would be replaced by the freedom to forge their own destiny.

Web2 Constraints and the Web3 Renaissance

The desire for creative freedom and the realisation that the Web2 gaming space had become too crowded led to the decision to switch to the Web3 landscape. Beierschmitt said, \”If you look at the top-grossing mobile gaming charts, they haven\’t changed much in the last five years.\” Laguna Games knew that it would be hard to break into the Web2 market as a new company because the market was already dominated by big companies.

On the other hand, the new Web3 space promised something different: a chance to change things. The success of Axie Infinity showed that Laguna Games was right to think that the Web3 gaming industry had a lot of potential. When this new paradigm appeared, it sparked their imaginations and gave them the confidence to go into uncharted territory.

Crypto Unicorns: A Game Born of Absurdity

Laguna Games let their creativity run wild in the world of Crypto Unicorns and loved how silly it was. Beierschmitt said it was an experiment, a chance to get away from the rules of fiction and go into a world where anything could happen. Unicorn poop, unicorn milk, and other silly things gave the game a delightfully silly touch. They let players step into a world where their imaginations are the most important thing.

Laguna Games did not stop at crafting a unique game. They wanted to give their community more power by putting in place a DAO, which stands for \”Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.\” Andrew Campbell, who is in charge of product and growth at Laguna, said that he was aware of the risks that came with this experimental approach. But he was sure that the rewards would be great if they could find their way through this uncharted territory.

Laguna Games wanted players to feel like they owned the game and be interested in it, so they included the community in the design process. They saw that the involvement of the community could be a key factor in the long-term success of Crypto Unicorns. This new way of doing things makes Laguna Games stand out and shows how much they want the players to be at the centre of what they make.

Even though they haven\’t been on the market as long as other games, Laguna Games has quickly filled the gap. Their focus on rapid prototyping and testing of features, along with their commitment to innovation, has given them an edge over their competitors. Laguna Games stands out among the other Web3 game companies because they think they can do something that no one else has done before.

Laguna Games: Final Thoughts

The audacious journey from dragons to unicorns epitomizes their pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment to exploring uncharted territories. By embracing the Web3 revolution, they broke free from the constraints of established IPs. They embraced the absurdity of their creation and empowered their community. Through Crypto Unicorns, Laguna Games has paved a path of innovation, demonstrating that the Web3 realm offers boundless opportunities for those willing to take the leap.

From Dragons to Unicorns: Laguna Games\’ Bold Leap into Web3

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From Dragons to Unicorns: Laguna Games\’ Bold Leap into Web3

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