Gods Unchained Is mobile-Friendly, Enabling More Web3 Gamers

Gods Unchained Is mobile-Friendly, Enabling More Web3 Gamers

Gods Unchained Expands to Mobile Devices, Paving the Way for Wider Adoption of Web3 Gaming.

The gaming community has been making a lot of noise about Gods Unchained, a blockchain-based card trading game that gives players full ownership of their digital card collections. Fans of Ethereum and gamers are interested in Gods Unchained because they can collect, trade, and sell cards in any way they want. The game is now moving forward by adding a strategic twist that can be played on mobile devices. Daniel Paez, the executive producer of Gods Unchained, talked about mobile expansion and how it might change the number of people who play Web3 games in an exclusive interview.

Captivating Gameplay and Rich Lore in Gods Unchained

The digital trading card game Gods Unchained puts players in a tactical world. Players build decks while following one of six Gods. The game moves quickly. As players fight other players to get their God\’s health to zero, they have to make tactical decisions and use their resources well. Also, the story of the game takes players to the beautiful land of Eucos, where ordinary people can use powerful magic and must deal with the whims of the six domain gods. The game is more fun and interesting because you can collect cards with champions, spells, artifacts, and creatures on them.

The Outcome of Mobile Expansion

The community had a lot to say about the recent pre-alpha release of Gods Unchained on Android devices. Over 60,000 people used the app in the first 30 days. Because of this positive feedback, the team is actively asking users for feedback to help them figure out what their next steps should be. Gods Unchained has teamed up with iLogos, a well-known mobile company, to make sure that mobile gamers have a great time with the game. Behind the scenes, the team is working hard to get Gods Unchained on both Android and iOS devices. This year, there will be a \”soft launch.\”

Challenges and Solutions Whilst Gods Unchained Transition to Mobile

The move of Gods Unchained to mobile had its own problems, but the team was able to fix them. They worked with the Android and iOS teams to make sure the game would work well on phones. The main goal is to improve the user experience, especially for new players just starting out. The game\’s non-custodial wallet and authentication solution, Immutable Passport, will be added to make it easier to sign up for the game. People will be able to sign in without a password, and wallets will be made for them automatically.

The Importance of Mobile for Web3 Adoption

The mobile gaming market has a large and varied audience, which makes it an important place for Web3 games to become popular. Players have full control over their in-game items in Gods Unchained and other Web3 games. The fact that players can easily buy, sell, and move their assets is a big draw for them. Gods Unchained hopes to attract a new generation of players who have never heard of them before by putting blockchain technology and Web3 gaming into mobile games.

New Features and Future Plans for Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained keeps getting better, and the rest of 2023 will be full of exciting changes. The team is working on new game modes, like a secret \”sealed\” mode, and ways to make opening packs more fun. On the other hand, a content creator program will give the community more power by giving them rewards, chances to work together, and credit for their contributions. Users will also find it easier to keep track of their tokens if they have a $GODS staking dashboard. Behind the scenes, the game\’s infrastructure and performance are being improved by making technical and server logic changes.

Preparing for a Global, Mainstream Audience

Gods Unchained wants to grow and become more popular on a global scale for the rest of 2023. The team hopes that making the game work on more than one platform will make more people interested in Web3 games. Gods Unchained wants to stay a top Web3 game by giving players a high-quality gaming experience and making partnerships and promotions that get people interested.

Web3 games have made a big step forward now that Gods Unchained can be played on mobile devices. Fans stick with the game because they can own their digital card collections and because the game is fun to play. The move to mobile devices gives businesses and people new ways to grow and use them. But the future of Gods Unchained looks good because the team is working hard to improve the user experience and add new features. Gods Unchained is likely to get more people interested and leave a lasting mark on the gaming industry because of its strategic gameplay, deep story, and use of Web3 features.

Now that Gods Unchained can be played on mobile devices, the door is open for more people to participate in the Web3 gaming community!

Gods Unchained expands to mobile

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Gods Unchained Is mobile-Friendly, Enabling More Web3 Gamers

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