Join the Action: The Second Playtest for Eternal Paradox is Live NOW

Join the Action: The Second Playtest for Eternal Paradox is Live NOW

NDream Studio and Gala Games surprises the audience with second playtest for the mobile-first RPG strategy game, Eternal Paradox.

The talented development team at NDream Studio surprises the audience once again as they released the highly anticipated second playtest for the mobile-first RPG strategy game, Eternal Paradox. Early on, the Eternal Paradox\’s initial playtest remained active for 14 days; however, the second playtest will continue for three weeks, providing gamers with a lot of opportunities to immerse themselves in the world of Eternal Paradox.

Working tirelessly behind the scenes, NDream and Gala Games have created a thrilling universe filled with enticement, strategies, and intense RPG combat. Gala Games continues to deliver a superior gaming experience while pushing the limits of digital entertainment and blockchain technology.

The second playtest features an improved version of the gameplay mechanics such as Chapter Missions, PvP Battles, Buildings, Castle Facilities, Challenge Mode, Guilds, and more.

Eternal Paradox Second Playtest is LIVE NOW

The second playtest just started on June 6 and it will continue until June 27 at 6 PM Pacific Time. You will have the chance to explore the game, interact with its various features, and share your gaming experience to revamp the potential of the Eternal Paradox.


Eternal Paradox is a mobile-first game that will be accessible on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Although there isn\’t a PC build released for this playtest, players will install a third-party app player to play the game on PC.

Features and Upgrades in Web3 Game

Eternal Paradox takes care of valuable feedback and always attempts to provide a feasible solution to ensure a streamlined gaming experience. Let\’s dive deeper into the topic to uncover additional insights regarding the new features and upgrades present in this playtest.

Rings of Ruin

To earn points for your guild, defeat the Rings of Ruin that are positioned in the core of the battlefield and at exploration areas. The ultimate winner is determined by the guild that gathers the highest number of points. Each guild can capture up to 5 sites including the formidable Rings of Ruin.

Arena System

Fight other players in turn-based fights in the newly implemented Arena in Eternal Paradox. Gain arena points by winning battles so you can advance in the ranks. Earned honor points can be used to buy goods in the arena shop.

Eternal Paradox: Land NFT System

Apply buffs to your land, rent land NFTs with gems, and gather commodities and silver. No matter how unique your land is, you can pick just one buff. Depending on how rare a land is, several buffs are available. Please be aware that this test build does not support previously bought NFTs.

Gem Store in Eternal Paradox

Shop at the official Gem Store for the necessary supplies to fortify your character. Test gems that will be available during the playtest can be used to buy items.


Gala Games have unveiled six new mercenaries, Lucas, Zahra, Zoe, Zarkhan, Camila, and Ekon, for players who are eager to support them throughout the game.

Guild Fest

With the help of their guildmates, players can take on new tasks to gain stage prizes in Eternal Paradox.

They have expanded Challenge Stage to include Chapters 7, 8, and 9. Each team will become more competitive with these additional challenges.

1:1 Chat

A state-of-the-art 1:1 chat tool has been integrated to speak with other players face-to-face. The 1:1 Chat feature incorporates a new English-Korean translation function making it simpler than ever for users to speak in-game regardless of their native tongue, making chat quicker than before.

Eternal Paradox: Gem Giveaway Event

A bunch of Gem awards in different areas of interest will be available as part of the Gem Giveaway. Please be aware that Gems are only usable as in-game money and cannot be transferred. The USD value in the right column simply represents the cost at which the same number of Gems would be offered for sale in Eternal Paradox.

You must enter your Gala Games account details in the game\’s Settings section if you want to ensure your qualification for battle rewards.

Once the game is online, prizes will be given out at a later time. Everyone who plays must connect their Gala Games profiles in the Eternal Paradox Settings menu in order to be rewarded.

Top-ranking players in each category will get Gems, the in-game currency, in accordance with their USD rankings. Gems worth more than $5000 will be available for deserving playtesters!

With this release, Gala Games expects an overwhelming response from players to test out all the features. Developers will make sure to implement the changes based on the feedback generated from the second playtest. 

Rewards in Eternal Paradox

In every season, players will strive to occupy the Rings of Ruin. Players who successfully occupy the place of authority in the middle of the continent will be able to receive occupation awards.

There will be further possibilities for non-NFT owners to receive regular and seasonal incentives in addition to the seasonal and daily rewards offered to NFT owners. To complete all of the game\’s objectives and take part in the season\’s final fight, players can rent the NFT Mercenaries.

Join the Action: The Second Playtest for Eternal Paradox is Live NOW

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Join the Action: The Second Playtest for Eternal Paradox is Live NOW

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