Mighty Bear Games and Treasure unite for Blockchain Adventure

Mighty Bear Games and Treasure unite for Blockchain Adventure

Mighty Bear Games Joins Forces with Treasure NFT Marketplace for web3 game Mighty Action Heroes and transitions to Arbitrum Blockchain

The open beta phase of the Mighty Action Heroes web3 game is coming up just after an important decision. Mighty Bear Games said that they will work together with the Treasure Web3 game marketplace. The idea is to move their game, Mighty Action Heroes, to the Arbitrum blockchain.

Mighty Bear Games, which is based in Singapore, has been working for a while on Mighty Action Heroes, a fun Web3 battle royale game. A few weeks ago, the decision was made to switch from Polygon to Arbitrum as a strategic move. But the decision is important because it came right before Mighty Action Heroes went into open beta. The open beta launch is set for July 13 at 5 p.m. Pacific. With this milestone, the game will be playable for the first time without any limits.

Mighty Action Heroes Open Beta Access

Before, you could only play Mighty Action Heroes if you had a Genesis Pass or a Big Bear Syndicate NFT. But now that the game is in open beta, anyone can play it and give feedback on its on-chain and off-chain features. Players can also access the game and the NFT collections that go with it. To do this, players can go to Treasure\’s NFT marketplace and use the MAGIC token to trade with other players.

Treasure NFT Marketplace

Treasure is both a company that makes Web3 games and a place where they are available to play. Simon Davis, the CEO of Mighty Bear Games, said that Treasure has a large group of very active players and a great network of developers. Davis also talked about how well Treasure\’s ecosystem, which is based on Arbitrum, works with the game itself. This close relationship between two platforms is good for both of them, which helped us decide to work with them.

Mighty Bear Games and Treasure Marketplace Partnership and Blockchain Transition

Mighty Bear Games wants to make their first Web3 game that has easy-to-understand gameplay and a stable economy. They plan to do this by joining Treasure\’s NFT marketplace, which has a strong community of over 100,000 active players, and switching to Arbitrum.

Davis says that Arbitrum, a Layer 2 network built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, has a lot going for it. He also says that the network has a strong development ecosystem and a very active community. Davis also said that the fact that Arbitrum is responsive, honest, has fast transaction speeds, and has low fees were important factors in their decision.

Early talks with the team at Arbitrum and Treasure\’s founders, who had played the game (which isn\’t as common as you might think), led to a common goal. Mighty Bear Games felt comfortable working with them because they knew they could count on their help. Davis also spent a few days in Australia with some members of the Treasure team. This helped them make up their minds and gave them a sense of mutual respect.

Might Action Heroes Open Beta Introduces New In-game Content

Mighty Action Heroes\’ open beta version adds eight new heroes, a complicated system for making items, and items that can be bought and sold in the game and can be found in supply crates. These supply crates have rewards and things you can use to make grenades. There are different kinds of grenades, and they add a stylish touch to killing enemies.

Mighty Bear Games knows that player feedback is important for making the Mighty Action Heroes experience better. By teaming up with Treasure, they hope to get the community more involved in making the game.

Davis said that the open beta release is a big deal because it lets anyone play Mighty Action Heroes and test both its on-chain and off-chain features. Mighty Bear Games will have a great chance to work with a large group of passionate gamers. They will make their first Web3 game by joining forces with Treasure and moving to Arbitrum.

More About the Beta Test

During the open beta, players will be able to play Mighty Action Heroes with the wallet of their choice, and other ways to log in with an email address are being worked on. Mighty Bear Games and Treasure will hold an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on July 11 at 7 a.m. Pacific time to answer questions about the partnership and the game.

The Chief Strategy Officer of Arbitrum, A.J. Warner, was excited about how soon the game would be available to the Arbitrum community.

Mighty Bear Games will start the next phase of Mighty Action Heroes play test on August 16 with Android APK. At the moment, 44 people work for the company in nine different countries.

Mighty Action Heroes Web3 Game will Use Arbitrum Blockchain

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Mighty Bear Games and Treasure unite for Blockchain Adventure

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