Number Shoot- Best Play To Earn Game

Number Shoot- Best Play To Earn Game


Number Shoot’ is a puzzle game made with easy and simple logic built on blockchain.

We invite you to a game that anyone can easily learn and enjoy together with the whole family!

The goal of the game is to connect blocks of the same number to create a higher-number block.

Shoot and merge the number blocks to make a great number block greater than 2048!

Complete the target block to clear the stage,

Compete for your skills with users around the world.

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Number Shoot- Best Play To Earn Game

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GetKicks: Move-to-Earn Game – Transforming Sneaker Passion into Crypto Rewards!

GetKicks is a pioneering Web3 app that introduces a novel gaming experience by combining sneaker enthusiasm with the emerging trend of Move-to-Earn. The game revolves around 3D NFT sneakers, known as Kick NFTs, and offers various modes to players. In Solo Mode, users can earn $LACE tokens by engaging in physical activities like walking, jogging, or running, making it accessible to all, regardless of NFT ownership. Club Mode encourages collective physical activity with friends, providing higher rewards based on the number of participants. PvP Mode introduces a competitive element, allowing players to stake tokens in battles against each other. Despite the novel concept, recent user feedback, as exemplified by Alex Simion, highlights technical issues like stamina issues and unresponsive buttons while playing. The community, represented by OktaGaming and Dhruv Prajapati, expresses positive sentiments, praising the Move-to-Earn concept, high-quality UI/UX, and the attractive step counting feature. One of the unique aspects of GetKicks is its Dual Deflationary Token Model, featuring two native tokens – $KICKS and $LACE. This token system encourages users to actively participate by crafting exceptional sneakers and showcasing their coveted Kick NFTs. The game introduces Marathon Tournaments, where players can register and compete for enticing prizes like tokens, Kicks, KickBoxes, or accessories. The Tournaments are divided into Weekly and Monthly categories, adding a competitive edge to the gaming experience. GetKicks aims to bridge the gap between sneaker enthusiasts and the Web3 space, forming partnerships with established streetwear and sneaker brands. The game emphasizes a transformative move-to-earn model, where physical activity translates into tangible rewards in the form of tokens. In conclusion, while GetKicks presents an innovative and promising gaming experience, users should be aware of recent technical issues reported by players like Alex Simion. The positive community response indicates potential, and ongoing updates may address these concerns, making GetKicks an exciting player in the evolving landscape of Web3 gaming.

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Sweat Economy: Earn Cryptocurrency Walking, Physical Activity

The Sweat Economy is an innovative app that rewards users with cryptocurrency for physical movement, specifically walking. The more a person walks and sweats, the more cryptocurrency they can earn through the app. This approach introduces a groundbreaking avenue for earning and value generation, aiming to provide equitable opportunities for everyone to benefit from the new economic landscape. The SWEAT initiative focuses on encouraging physical activity for its potential to improve health, emphasizing a correlation rather than a causal link. It aims to create a virtuous cycle where increased physical and mental well-being reinforce each other. The primary objective is to inspire individuals to embrace movement and promote holistic wellness through incentivized contributions. In the SWEAT ecosystem, the difficulty of earning SWEAT increases over time, motivating users to engage in physical activity sooner rather than later. This strategy not only encourages current physical activity but also maintains the practical value of SWEAT by following a model where production costs consistently rise. SWEAT introduces an open movement economy, establishing a novel market where individuals worldwide can receive rewards for various physical activities such as cycling, swimming, jogging, or hiking. Users are compensated for their contributions to society through active engagement. Tokenomics of $SWEAT are based on its exclusive generation through motion, resulting in an increase in \”input\” (steps) as the user base grows. This rise in users leads to a surge in activity driven by changed habits and motivation due to the rewards offered by the app.

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IguVerse: NFT 2.0, Play-to-Earn Rewards, and Blockchain-Powered Pet-Centric Innovation

IguVerse, a groundbreaking Play-to-Earn Social Game, integrates pet ownership with cutting-edge blockchain technology. Revolutionizing the NFT landscape, the GameFi application introduces User-generated NFTs, ushering in NFT 2.0. The innovative \”Socialize to Earn,\” alongside \”Move to Earn\” and \”Play to Earn,\” diversifies gaming experiences. Users engage in simple tasks like sharing pet photos, earning $IGUP tokens. The virtual pets, embodied as NFTs, possess attributes influencing rewards. The game\’s dual-token framework involves $IGU as the primary currency and $IGUP as rewards. Players craft and upgrade NFT pets using these tokens. Daily rewards at 00:00 UTC incentivize active participation. Energy levels, reflecting pet functionality, can be recharged through engagement in the three game modes. Inactivity inflicts damage, requiring $IGUP for restoration. Community responses indicate positive earning experiences but highlight technical issues, including bugs and obstacles in the \”Move to Earn\” game. Users praise the app\’s potential while noting areas for improvement. IguVerse emerges as a unique fusion of blockchain, NFTs, and Play-to-Earn mechanics, reshaping the gaming landscape.

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Arc8: Mobile Platform, Crypto Rewards on Polygon Network – Game Review

Arc8 is a mobile gaming app with a wide range of games like card games, puzzle games, and platformers. Users can have fun with these games and make in-game currency and cryptocurrencies at the same time. The platform is made with the Polygon Layer2 network, which is easy to join to Ethereum. Users can stake their tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using this integration, which will give them access to more rewards and improve their game experience. By staking their assets, players can get access to special content, get early access to new games, and even win better gifts. The app is also connected to the Polygon Layer2 network, which makes transactions faster and cheaper and makes it easier for more people to use. Arc8 combines fun game play with the ability to get valuable digital goods, giving mobile players a fun and profitable place to play.

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