Play Bling Mobile Games and Earn Bitcoin and Ethereum

Play Bling Mobile Games and Earn Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bling Mobile Games provides an opportunity for gamers to earn Bitcoin and Ethereum from Bling Financial games by activating the feature.

Imagine playing games of popular and on-the-go genres and earning crypto. We are not talking about just any crypto, in this game you can win Ethereum or Bitcoin. However, there is a catch, the amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum is a tiny bit. Nonetheless, it is always better than nothing. We are talking about Bling Financial iOS and Android games. These games follow a well-used pattern when it comes to genres and formulas. It provides the community with simple arcade games, puzzle games, solitaire games, and likewise. Bling Games provides an opportunity for gamers to earn Bitcoin and Ethereum, but you need to activate this feature first.

By default, this feature isn\’t turned on when you begin playing games like Sweet Bitcoin, Ethereum Blast, or Bitcoin Pop. But don\’t worry, earning Bling Points while playing levels and watching ads is a breeze. Afterward, you can convert those Points into BTC or ETH and deposit them into a Coinbase or PayPal account.

Earn Bitcoin and Ethereum on Bling Games

By looking at Bling Games, you will notice that these are similar to other mobile games. However, these games will allow you to win Ethereum and Bitcoin. For that, you will need to trun on the feature by logging in with an account. Simply tap the \”Get Started\” button at the top of the Bling app screen. From there, you can choose to log in using your Google, Facebook, or Apple account (for iOS users). Alternatively, you can tap the downward arrow at the bottom to log in with an email address. Once you\’re logged in, you\’ll start earning Bling Points that can later be exchanged for Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Which Bling Games you can Play?

At present, Bling provides a total of nine mobile games for both iOS and Android platforms, each offering cryptocurrency rewards. The in-game interfaces are mostly identical, and they all share a common Bling account, enabling you to earn rewards across multiple games. Here is the current list of available games, although it may change over time:

  • Bitcoin Blast (iOS | Android)
  • Bitcoin Blocks (iOS | Android)
  • Bitcoin Food Fight (iOS | Android)
  • Bitcoin Pop (iOS | Android)
  • Bitcoin Solitaire (iOS | Android)
  • Bitcoin Sudoku (iOS | Android)
  • Ethereum Blast (iOS | Android)
  • Sweet Bitcoin (iOS | Android)
  • Word Breeze (iOS | Android)

These games are too darn simple to play and will definitely serve as a time killer with the added benefit of winning Bitcoin or Ethereum. Take for example Bitcoin Blast, it will put to test your color-matching skills and will serve as a brain stimulator. As for Bitcoin Blocks, you need to combine multi-colored blocks to create a slashing combo to clear the ‘blockchain’. Similarly, Sweet Bitcoin is a candy match puzzle game where you need to collect them in a group of three or more. So, as you see the games are pretty simple and even your kids can win Bitcoin and Ethereum by playing these games.

Convert Bling Points to Crypto

So, you won plenty of Bling points, now what? How to convert them into Bitcoin or Ethereum? To convert your earned points into cryptocurrency and deposit your winnings, you must visit the Bling Financial website. Just click on the \”Cash Out\” button located in the top right corner of the website. Next, log in using the same account that you used in the Bling app.

Bling will display your earnings, showing you how much you\’ve accumulated. In this scenario, take for example we have approximately 60,000 Bling points. These points are equivalent to 0.00000060 BTC or a little less than $0.02 worth of Bitcoin, based on the current value. If you are interested in Ethereum currency more, then while cashing out, you can select either Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can then have your earnings transferred to a Coinbase or PayPal account. It\’s important to note that after cashing out, there is a waiting period of seven days before you can do so again.

The winning amount is surely just a speck, but it is absolutely free. You play a game, grind it, invest time in it, and in return if you are getting a cryptocurrency for free then it is not a bad deal at all. Bling games are super easy and addictive with a double-blaster combo of fun and earning.


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Play Bling Mobile Games and Earn Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Providence – F2P Web3 Game, Survival, and Rogue-Lite Elements

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Gameplay involves exploration of the remnants of shattered planets, teeming with untamed flora, exotic creatures, alien vaults, and rare resources. Trailblazers start on Homesteads, forging their bases using available resources, preparing for treacherous adventures on Slipworlds. Each expedition requires strategic planning to maximize gains before the Slipworld\’s inevitable demise. Providence offers both PvE and PvPvE scenarios, allowing players to tailor their adventures.

The game\’s graphics and immersive experience are powered by Unreal Engine 5, promising a 3D sci-fi odyssey on PC. Additionally, the game plans to release its token on the Avalanche blockchain, with likely involvement of NFTs.

The community response to Providence appears positive, with users expressing interest and drawing comparisons to games like No Man\’s Sky with a Web3 element.

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MOBLAND takes the idea of a modern crime syndicates a step further by making it free to play, so that anyone can join in on the fun. MOBLAND is a free-to-play, Play To Earn, action-adventure role-playing game in which players acquire, manage, trade, and build their crime syndicates. MOBLAND takes the concept of a modern crime syndicate a step further by making the game Free to Play, where you may Play & Earn. Go and grow your empire, become the boss and gain control of turfs and businesses while robbing and raiding rival syndicates. Users begin by creating their initial crew members, which is completely free (users still need to pay for the gas fee that applies for the minting). If users don’t have a squad to choose from, they can form their own four-person crew for the upcoming conflicts. The basic game principles are based on a real-time card battler, in which players can use their character\’s skills when they are cooled off in real-time, rather than having to wait for their turn in an inconvenient manner. As a result, the player would have real-time control over the crew while yet being able to relax without having to go all rage. Both PvE and PVP conflicts would be available to users. It won\’t be so easy to reach the peak of MOBLAND, but it will be rewarding and enjoyable! To acquire reputation and assets, build up your crew and take on other people\’s crews. Build a merciless empire with the help of a cutthroat syndicate of colleagues, allies, and foes. Synners will be able to grind their way up through daily objectives, events, battles, and more thanks to the syndicates. Manage your own syndicate, assign assignments, and administer tax collection. As you take over real-world towns around the world, Syndicates will be able to build powerful cartels to coordinate attacks and obtain resources.

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