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Web3 Games updates on Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, Spider Tanks, Legends of Crypto Game, Ember Sword, and insights on the market by Sam Barberie.

Welcome to another PlaytoEarngames Newsletter where we bring you all the exciting news and updates over the weekend. This week we saw new in-game content updates in several popular web3 games like Gods Unchained, Splinternalnds, Ember Sword, and Gala Games’ Spider Tanks. Earlier this week another blockchain game Apeiron makes it to the Epic Games Store reaching millions of audiences. Moreover, we have Legends of Crypto Game making a point in Web3 games, Eyeball Pool bringing blockchain integration in mobile pool games, and Sam Barberie highlighting the importance of data in web3 game development. Let’s check out these updates one by one.

  • Buy Land on Ember Sword
  • New Game Modes in Gods Unchained
  • Eyeball Pool Plans to Integrate Blockchain Tech in Pool Game
  • Legends of Crypto Game
  • Splinterlands Rewards Update
  • Tiger Up for Grabs in Spider Tanks
  • Sam Barberie on Data-Driven Success

Buy Land on Ember Sword

Ember Sword has announced that there will be a two-part Alpha Land Sale with discounted land plots in the Solarwood area. For the best discounts, participants need to have their applications approved. There are four sizes of plots for sale, and buyers can choose how to split the income and where to put buildings. Landowners also get titles in the game and bought plots can be accessed through IMX NFTs. The prices for land plots in the Solarwood area range from $80 to $160,000 in Ember Sword\’s Alpha Land Sale.

The sale happens in two waves. For the first wave, you have to fill out an application and get a 25% discount. The second wave is open to everyone and costs 15% less. Landowners get a cut of the money made in-game when items are bought. Plots are important in Ember Sword, so serious players are urged to buy one during the sale.

New Game Modes in Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained has added new game modes to its standard mode after more than four and a half years. The update gives players what they wanted, and it starts with Chaos Constructed, which can be played over and over again. In Chaos Constructed, players can build decks based on the God they choose without any restrictions. This lets them make unique and potentially powerful combinations. Also, this update makes Gods Unchained more fun to play because it adds new and different ways to play.

Gods Unchained has added a lot of new game modes, including a mode where you play with a sealed deck. These modes will change all the time so that players can give feedback and any problems can be fixed. The deck builder has also been changed. It now has advanced filtering, color-coded cards, and a more detailed breakdown of each deck. Even though there are still some interface problems, these changes are seen as good for the game.

Eyeball Pool Plans to Integrate Blockchain Tech in Pool Game

Eyeball Games, the creators of the popular mobile game 8 Ball Pool, are entering the world of blockchain and NFTs with their upcoming game, Eyeball Pool. This new project aims to revolutionize pool gaming by utilizing blockchain technology and NFTs to create an immersive and community-driven experience. Eyeball Pool, set for release in early 2024, offers players unique ownership opportunities and innovative gameplay. With the success of 8 Ball Pool, Eyeball Games aims to leverage blockchain\’s potential to enhance pool gaming and build upon their previous achievements.

Legends of Crypto Game

Legends of Crypto Game (LOCGame), made by the Amsterdam-based web3 game studio RBL Labs, is making waves with its new blockchain game. RBL Labs has released an ambitious plan for the game in the Polygon blockchain ecosystem. This plan is backed by well-known investors. The beta launch of LOCGame for Web3 and Android users shows how far RBL Labs has come in integrating NFT e-commerce and a marketplace, which makes the game more interesting for players. RBL Labs has also teamed up with well-known fashion designers. This gives LOCGame a clear advantage by combining high fashion with gaming.

RBL Labs, a game studio based in Amsterdam, has shared its ambitious plans for 2023 and 2024. The company wants to be the leader in the casual web3 gaming market. On the roadmap, there are plans to reach billions of players on Apple and Android devices and add a \”Free-to-Play\” mode to make the game easier to get into. RBL Labs plans to release Season 1, which will have new ways to play and a good story, by 2024.

Also, the studio is making 3D characters that are powered by AI for a more immersive experience. Recorded Player Progression on the Blockchain and in-game staking rewards will make player progression and rewards better. Through a partnership with Virtua Games Network (VGN), LOCGame will be added to VGN\’s Metaverse, giving users new ways to play. The roadmap shows that RBL Labs is committed to changing the way web3 games are made.

Splinterlands Rewards Update

Splinterlands is removing the requirement for players to own a certain value of cards to advance to higher leagues, introducing a new formula that encourages holding staked SPS tokens for improved match rewards. Moreover, the integration of SPS tokens has been a gradual process over the past two years, making it a core element of the Splinterlands ecosystem. The previous system, based on players\’ card collection value, will be replaced, causing significant changes and potential shockwaves within the community. This update aims to address limitations and create a more inclusive gameplay experience.

Tiger Up for Grabs in Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks introduces the Tiger Tank package, featuring a new body, skin, and weapon. Additionally, players have the chance to win a Tiger Tank by participating in 50 matches. The package includes the Ripper weapon, Tiger Body, and Stripes skin, which can be customized. Sales for Tiger Tanks start on July 5th, with half the supply released initially and the rest later in the day. The tanks come in different rarities and prices, with a 5% discount for purchases made with ETH, GALA tokens, or credit cards.

Sam Barberie on Data-Driven Success

Market intelligence and consumer insights are crucial for success in web3 gaming, yet some developers overlook their importance. With experienced developers and major publishers entering the space, relying on luck and social media engagement is no longer sufficient. Excuses like being too busy or doing well without data signify a lack of prioritization. Data-driven decisions during development are vital for a game\’s survival. Ignoring data increases the risk of failure. Embracing market intelligence and consumer insights is essential for building and growing successful web3 games.

In the web3 space, developers often underestimate the importance of data or assume that it will be easily accessible. However, relying solely on open blockchain data can be misleading, as it only provides a partial picture of user behavior. Factors like secondary market activity do not necessarily reflect in-game actions or player engagement. Understanding comprehensive gaming business intelligence and consumer insights is crucial for developers, particularly in web3, to achieve success. It is essential to leverage these insights rather than relying on incomplete data or postponing analysis.

Web3 Games updates on Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, Spider Tanks, Legends of Crypto Game, Ember Sword, and insights by Sam Barberie.

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NFL Rivals: Manage Your NFL Team – NFT Game – Mythical Games

Manage your own NFL team in NFL Rivals, the NFT game developed by Mythical Games and the NFL. Build a powerhouse team and dominate the competition! In the Game, players have the opportunity to live out their fantasy of becoming a manager in the NFL and earning real money through gameplay. This NFT and play-to-earn game allows players to take control of their own team, building and managing it to success on the virtual gridiron. Its an exciting mobile game developed by Mythical Games that allows players to live out their dreams of being a general manager of an NFL team. The game features fast-paced, arcade-style gameplay that is easy to pick up but difficult to master. Let get into NFT Rivals review! NFL Rivals Review: Players can collect and trade player cards featuring their favorite NFL teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots, and participate in rivalries in the NFL to make it to the Super Bowl. With the NFL Rivals blockchain, player cards are unique and have different rarities, making them valuable in the Rarity League. Similar to other games by Mythical Games like Blankos Block Party, NFL Rivals Game is a stylish game that is accessible to players of all skill levels, including fans of the San Francisco 49ers who want to experience the excitement of managing an NFL team. With a wide range of customization options and strategic gameplay, NFL Rivals offers a unique and exciting gaming experience for players who are fans of American football or just enjoy engaging, competitive gameplay. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out, NFL Rivals has something to offer for players of all skill levels and interests. NFL Rivals Game is currently in the early stages of development and is expected to be released in 2023. This NFT and play-to-earn game offers players the chance to become a manager in the NFL and earn real money through gameplay. With a wide range of customization options and strategic gameplay, NFL Rivals promises to provide a unique and exciting gaming experience for players who are fans of American football or just enjoy engaging, competitive gameplay. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out, NFL Rivals will have something to offer for players of all skill levels and interests when it is released in 2023. It is good to know that NFL Rivals has the support of the official NFL league. This partnership adds an extra level of authenticity and excitement to the game. If you are interested in participating in early access for NFL Rivals, it may be worth considering, given the backing of the official NFL league. What the officials say about NFL Rivals: NFL Rivals is an NFT game in which players take on the role of team managers. The game is developed by the Mythical Games and the National Football League. Additionally, all 32 teams in this new game will be ready for trading as NFTs. The game\’s main objectives will be team building, unique blockchain tokens, and NFT levels. Billy Shautz, the executive producer of Mythical Games, claims that the game would have \”arcade-style\” 3D models. NFL Rivals Gameplay: This entertaining, fun game will let NFL fans and players alike battle it out against other GMs with their assembled player rosters and teams, while constructing, leveling up, and strengthening their lineups. It will fulfill the fantasy of becoming a team general manager. Through this play and own game experience, fans will also be able to acquire, collect, and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of their favorite players.

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Rooniverse is a multiplayer mobile game that shows a magical metaverse full of cute and scary creatures called Roos. You can play to earn money with these cute tribal fighters. Welcome to the exciting world of Rooniverse, where Roos from different tribes fight for honor. This hyper-royal mobile game takes place in a whimsical world full of bloodthirsty pet Roos. Sending your Roos into epic battles to save their lives will test your strategic skills. Explore the multiplayer mode, gather resources from enchanted lands, and work with friends to move up the ranks. You can win if you make your own maps and empire. Rooniverse is more than just a game; it\’s a world full of cute Roos where you can play games to earn money. Join the player-owned economy and watch as the Roohalla battlegrounds wait for their warriors. XP Foundry has now moved Rooniverse from Solana to ImmutableX. This makes Web3 games on the Ethereum blockchain even more popular. XP Foundry is proud of its team of skilled engineers and artists who have worked on games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Game of Thrones, Batman, Call of Duty, and The Elder Scrolls. James Finley is the co-CEO and game director. He has been making games for more than 15 years and was the director of technology at Unity Studios. Executive producer James Chung adds to the studio\’s knowledge because he was an art director at Electronic Arts and worked on the first Call of Duty team. With so many skilled professionals, XP Foundry is in a good position to make top-notch games.

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