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Discover exciting updates in Web3 gaming, from Google\’s NFT decision to open beta invites from Cradles, Mighty Action Heroes, and The Machines Arena, also a snapshot of Deadrop.

This week was astronomical for web3, blockchain, and NFT games as the doors to billions are opening at last. Web3 gamers rejoice, as the biggest update this week is from Google Play where it finally makes the decision to embrace NFT games. The big yes from Google came just after Sega’s no to NFT games. Besides, we have early access to Mighty Action Heroes, a sneak peek from Deadrop, and new upcoming games like Cool Cats, and Gas Hero. Furthermore, we have beta season 1 of the Machiens Arena, and Cradles public beta. Let’s jump right into the details, shall we?

  • Google Allows NFT Games on Google Play
  • Deadrop Gives Fans a Sneak-Peak
  • Gas Hero an Upcoming New Web3 Game
  • Cool Cats will Venture into Web3 Gaming
  • The Machines Arena Beta
  • Mighty Action Heroes Call to Gamers for Open Beta

Google Allows NFT Games on Google Play

The tide is turning in favor of web3 games as many traditional web2 developers and gaming studios are making them into web3. The latest buzz revolves around NFTs and blockchain gaming, and it seems like everyone has a different stance on it.

Some companies are cautiously testing the waters, others are cautiously accepting it with conditions, and then there are those who flat-out reject the idea. Surprisingly, it\’s the smaller studios and independent developers who are fully embracing NFTs in gaming.

This week, two major players have made headlines. Google, the tech giant, has laid down a set of rules for NFT-enabled games that can be featured on their Play Store. It\’s a significant step, signaling their willingness to engage with this new gaming trend. On the other hand, Sega\’s position seems a bit uncertain at the moment. They initially showed interest in web3 gaming but now appear to be reconsidering their plans. It\’s unclear where they stand exactly.

The gaming world is buzzing with excitement and uncertainty as these established companies navigate the realm of NFTs and blockchain gaming. Only time will tell how this tech-savvy adventure unfolds!

Google has introduced policy changes that acknowledge NFTs without fully embracing them. The focus is on user protection, particularly regarding unclear purchases and gambling features. Developers must be transparent about tokenized digital assets. NFTs can unlock in-app content, but promoting earning potential is prohibited. The policy reflects a cautious approach to monetization in web3 gaming.

Deadrop Gives Fans a Sneak-Peak

The sneak peek comes in the shape of a snapshot which tells us a lot about what is cooking over at Dr. Disrespect. Deadrop, the futuristic FPS game, has just released Snapshot VI, bringing a range of updates and enhancements, including an impressive new map. While still in the early stages of development, the Deadrop team is committed to providing their early supporters with regular access to the latest developer versions of the game.

Set in a dystopian future, Deadrop\’s world is filled with massive arcologies that convert air toxins into a highly addictive substance called Space Dust, which also serves as currency. In the game, players collect loot during runs and aim to reach the extraction point before time runs out.

What sets Deadrop apart is its unique approach to release plans. They periodically release a new snapshot of the ongoing development build every three months. These Snapshot releases not only give supporters early glimpses of the game but also allow them to provide valuable feedback throughout the development process.

Currently, Deadrop is accessible only to those who possess a Founder\’s Pass or a Tower Key. Tower Keys are exclusive items tied to user accounts and are not currently available for purchase. On the other hand, Founder\’s Passes are obtainable on the Open Sea, but their price currently exceeds $500! These passes also function as unique generative NFTs, serving as players\’ profile pictures (PFPs).

Deadrop enthusiasts can look forward to exploring the new map and experiencing the game\’s evolving development through the Snapshot releases.

Gas Hero an Upcoming New Web3 Game

Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), a crypto startup, is making waves with its new project, Gas Hero. Gas Hero is a futuristic MMO game that aims to revolutionize Web3 gaming by combining social interaction, engaging gameplay, and a captivating storyline. Unlike FSL\’s previous hit, Stepn, which focused on movement and token rewards, Gas Hero offers a rich gaming experience with a compelling narrative and vibrant characters. Players take on the role of \”Gas Heroes\” in a post-apocalyptic world, utilizing natural gas as a resource. FSL is committed to enhancing user experience and community involvement, making Gas Hero an exciting addition to the crypto gaming landscape.

Cool Cats will Venture into Web3 Gaming

Beloved character brand Cool Cats is teaming up with developers nWay, iCandy Interactive, and Sync Studios to bring players three exciting new games. The collaborations aim to create immersive and diverse gaming experiences that solidify Cool Cats\’ position as a beloved brand. The games include a competitive multiplayer arcade game by nWay, an adorable 2D endless runner by iCandy Interactive, and a mobile match-3 game by Sync Studios. Each game offers unique gameplay and high-quality features, promising hours of entertainment for players. Cool Cats\’ foray into gaming is set to captivate gamers of all ages.

The Machines Arena Beta

The Machines Arena launches its inaugural beta season. It offers players the chance to earn exclusive skins that are mintable as NFTs in the future. Throughout beta season one, players can unlock four unique skins for specific characters by leveling up. The game features various modes, including Quick Play PvP and the Death Run PvE scenario, where players can earn experience points. The developers of The Machines Arena also plan to enable the minting of these exclusive skins as NFTs at a later date, adding further collectible value to the game. Get ready for an immersive and rewarding experience in The Machines Arena\’s first season!

Mighty Action Heroes Call to Gamers for Open Beta

Mighty Action Heroes opens its beta to the public, inviting everyone to playtest the game. Players can connect their wallets to join the free browser-based game. Additionally, two play-to-earn events are running alongside the beta. The Greeting Quest allows players to complete various quests and earn points to unlock special Treasure Supply Chests. The tournament offers $3,000 worth of prizes based on leaderboard rankings. Winners receive trophies, MAGIC tokens, and exclusive Big Bear Syndicate NFTs. It\’s an exciting opportunity to engage in gameplay and earn rewards in Mighty Action Heroes.

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Planet IX is a Polygon NFT strategy game where you can use IXT tokens and other unique digital assets to play to earn money. Planet IX is a unique online cryptocurrency game based on the idea of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These one-of-a-kind digital assets are useful tools in the game that give players a lot of ways to move forward. To move forward in the game, players can burn or breed NFTs to unlock deeper levels. Planet IX is different from most games because it doesn\’t have a linear storyline. Instead, it has an ecosystem that changes over time and lets players go on many different kinds of journeys. It connects the virtual world to the real world and lets players claim, buy, and sell environments. The game encourages creativity and strategic thinking by letting each player create their own worlds to explore and master. In the year 2089, the effects of climate change are so bad that Earth is no longer livable. This has led to chaos and war among people. In the middle of all this chaos, Ame Valdis leads a radical group called the Agents of Change (A.O.C.). They want to tear society apart and start over. They think that the only way to start over is to get rid of all history, art, and digital records of people. A.M.E., an AI from the future, goes on a trip through time and space after destroying their plan and leaving Earth. In the year 2539, A.M.E. finds a good planet, which brings the Agents back to their original home. After having their memories wiped, the Agents went on a mission to fix up \”Planet IX\” and make it habitable again. They had no idea that they were connected to Earth in the past. They need to gather resources and clear the land so that they can build and change the planet in the future.

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KOMPETE is an NFT multiplayer game that can be played for free and serves as an all-in-one sports simulation game, enabling cross-platform play. The game features numerous popular sports, such as basketball, kart racing, golf, battle royale, and more, with additional sports set to be released in the future. It can be accessed on various platforms, including XBOX, PlayStation, Windows, Android, and iOS. KOMPETE is developed on Unreal Engine 4, the most powerful game engine in the world, and will soon be upgraded to Unreal Engine 5. Unreal Engine has been the preferred engine for the development of some of the world\’s most popular multiplayer games

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Race X – Game Review

Race X is the first Race-2-Earn simulation to combine real-world racing with a virtual racing gaming platform on the Avalanche ecosystem. Race X is a groundbreaking simulation engine that is currently being developed with a pre-panned roadmap schedule. The \”Race-2-Earn\” game will only be open to RaceCar NFT holders. Users will be able to make use of the special game items of the platform because each NFT will be a representation of the same car inside the simulation.

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Genesis League Sports: Play-to-Earn Soccer Game with NFTs

Genesis League Sports is a blockchain-powered platform that focuses on play-to-earn gaming, with a particular emphasis on sports games and NFTs. In collaboration with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA), the creators of Splinterlands have developed Genesis League Goals, a dynamic strategy game that utilizes NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the Hive blockchain. This game allows players to collect MLSPA player cards, build teams, and engage in fast-paced, head-to-head gameplay sessions with a focus on quick strategic decisions. Players can enhance the value of their NFTs by upgrading player cards using equipment and skill components, improving team performance. Genesis League Goals is centered around soccer, enabling fans to manage teams composed of their favorite MLSPA players in NFT form. The game\’s mechanics revolve around cards, including player and coach entities, available as NFTs in purchasable packs. Equipment and skill cards can be earned as rewards through gameplay and can be used to enhance the value of cards through a progressive leveling system. Players can merge duplicate cards to accumulate experience points (XP) and unlock new skill and equipment slots, increasing their card\’s capabilities. The cards also come in two foil types, non-foil and illustrious gold foil, representing rare assets in the game\’s ecosystem. Genesis League Goals offers various engagement options, including collecting, renting, ranked matches, leagues, and tournaments. Matches involve teams led by coaches, consisting of around 30 players, with 7 starters, up to 5 substitutes, and 10 reserve players. Player cards have stats derived from real-world player performance, determining their initial attributes. Coach cards provide in-game boosts, adding depth to gameplay. The game\’s unique feature is the upgradability of player cards through attached skills, including passive and active abilities, which enhances card diversity and market value. The in-game token for Genesis League Sports is $GLX, which plays a crucial role in the game\’s economy.

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