Web3 Game Last Remains Combines Stealth, Battle Royale, and Zombies

Web3 Game Last Remains Combines Stealth, Battle Royale, and Zombies

Web3 Game Last Remains Combines Stealth, Battle Royale, and Zombies.

Find valuable NFTs in a town full of zombies where you have to survive on your own to get to the extraction point. Last Remains is an upcoming AAA survival battle royale game where you have to be sneaky to win. This Web3 game is a mix of zombie games, stealth games, battle royale games, and games where you can play and earn money. In this earn-and-play game, 30–50 players will compete in a battle royale to find NFTs. Everyone is on their own, and staying alive isn\’t the only thing you need to do to survive. So, don\’t trust anyone, move quickly, stay hidden, and outsmart your rivals to be the last person standing. The game is still being made, but it will be a fun PvE game where you have to move around the map quietly to find important resources.

Like other zombie games that are done well, Last Remains has scary monsters and zombie bosses. The game promises intense thrills, deep experiences, and game mechanics that are true to life. Chongqing, a city in China, is shown on the map, in the setting, and in the game. On the city\’s marketplaces, you can trade more than 300 unique pieces of gear, NFT skins, rare collectibles, and other items.

Earn Alliance and their Web3 Game Last Remains

The genius of Last Remains comes from the Earn Alliance team, which is made up of some of the best minds in the blockchain gaming industry. Earn Alliance has made a name for itself as a reputable brand that is known for creating new and interesting games that use Web3 elements.

Members of the team have worked at well-known companies like Bitmex, Blizzard, and Junglee Games, which have all made important contributions to cryptocurrency products and game development, respectively. Some team members have also worked at cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Huobi, and others have done research at Sandbox VR on the cutting-edge intersection of virtual reality and gaming. The Last Remains team stands out because its members come from many different places and have done many different things.

Also, according to their website, Animoca Brands, MADWorld, and Athena Ventures are investors and partners of Last Remains, which makes them even more of a force in the industry.

The Genesis Character NFT Sale

Last Remains is still being made, but in the coming months, people will be able to test it. But only people who own an NFT character will be able to play the game early in July 2023. Recently, Genesis Characters were added to the game, giving players access to all games in the Last Remains IP ecosystem for life. This includes the upcoming text-based, offline, on-chain battler game Stake, Search and Rescue, which will come out in July 2023. Normal Character NFTs give you access to a season for 60 days, but Genesis Characters give you access to all seasons forever. Don\’t worry if you don\’t have the NFTs yet. You can find someone who will sell them to you. You could also get money from someone else to play.

On the Rocket Launcher platform, you can buy the Standard, Pro, and Elite Genesis Character NFT packs. Prices range from 80 to 300 MATIC, and some come with extra benefits. During the sale in July 2023, each pack guarantees eight random Genesis equipment NFTs. Users can also buy a Perfect Equipment Mint Pass, which is a very limited-edition pass that lets them give their favorite characters unique themed gear. Earn Alliance makes it easier to make NFTs in Last Remains by letting people pay for them with credit cards or MATIC on the Polygon network.

Last Remains Focuses on Community

Last Remains wants to change how games reward people who are good at competing. Before, game sales and sponsorships put between $100,000 and $40 million into the prize pools of esports tournaments. But here\’s where it gets fun: Last Remains follows the Web3 idea that community and ownership are important. To get people on Web3 interested in esports, the team is putting 50% of all net profits from Last Remains into prize pools for competitions. It\’s game-changing!

Last Remains Gameplay

The game offers more than just the zombie genre, stealth gameplay, and battle royale all at once. The highest-ranked player in Last Remains is determined by their score out of the three winners. This means you must ensure your survival until the final three. Your score is affected by various actions such as eliminating zombies and obtaining valuable collectibles such as jewelry. When the Last Remains is released, we can expect more scoring mechanics to be introduced.

The rescue team will periodically give hints about the specific area on the map to help you survive the zombie apocalypse. These cues will indicate where the helicopter will land. So keep your eyes peeled for those hints! Your character will become hungry and thirsty during your journey, so make sure to find food and water to keep them going. Don\’t forget to equip weapons and gear to improve your chances of success in Last Remains!

Special items found by winners will be kept as bounties. If you play as a \”Free to Play\” character, however, those skins will not be transferable to the blockchain.

The cool part is that regardless of whether you win or lose, all players will receive or lose Zombie Points. It will help your rank and leaderboard position. Remember that until the game becomes popular, all games will be ranked without a casual mode. So go all in and aim for the top!

Web3 Game Last Remains Combines Stealth, Battle Royale, and Zombies

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Web3 Game Last Remains Combines Stealth, Battle Royale, and Zombies

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