Web3 Gaming: GamesBeat, GRIT, Gala Games, Openfort, Gods Unchained

Web3 Gaming: GamesBeat, GRIT, Gala Games, Openfort, Gods Unchained

Another week has passed, and there have been many new and exciting updates and games for Web3 gaming. This week, the Gamesbeat Summit 2023 came to an end with awards for big ideas and new talent. Gala Games also officially starts GRIT and burns 21 billion tokens to get ready for the future. New content is always being added to the game Eternal Dragons. Gods Unchained and Mojo Melee give them new ways to move forward. The first season of Illuvium Zero can now be watched. The Web3 gaming industry has a lot more going on than what has been said, and what has been said is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Gala Games Launches GRIT
  • Gamesbeat Summit 2023 Concludes with Awards and Recognitions
  • Gala Games Burns Millions Worth of Its Tokens
  • Openfort Raises Funds, Aims to Bring Seamless Operations in Web3 Gaming
  • Illuvium Zero Alpha Season
  • Gods Unchained Shares New Roadmap
  • Eternal Dragons Introduces a New Affinity: Void Affinity

Gala Games Launches Web3 Game GRIT

Grit, the western-themed battle royale game, officially launches on Gala Games, bringing an exciting opportunity for players to wield six-shooters and rifles in a wild west showdown. Grit opens when other games end, giving players a free-to-play experience where they can shoot and earn rewards in a beautiful setting. Players also need a Gala Games account to get in on the action, and they can get the game from Epic Games and download it. Grit adds Gunslingers, a group of 10,000 unique NFT characters that can help you in-game.

Gunslingers can be bought on secondary markets or at the Gala Games store until we find out more. The GALA token is used to get rewards in the game. Tokens are given out based on the number of Victory Points earned through quests and match placements. GALA rewards have been put on hold while the team works on improving the way rewards work. Players can also buy a \”Battle Pass\” to get access to special items in the game, and future updates could add leaderboards and tournaments. Some insights!

Gamesbeat Summit 2023 Concludes with Awards and Recognitions

The ability of the game industry to change and adapt was shown at the GamesBeat Summit 2023. There were a lot of different things talked about at the event, such as artificial intelligence, new business models, and making money on Web3. It brought together gamers and people in charge of the gaming industry by holding exhibitions, talks, Q&A sessions, and award ceremonies. The Up-and-Comer Award went to Rich Vogel, and the Visionary Award went to Meggan Scavio. The Visionary Award recognizes contributions to Web3 games and a vision for the future. The Up-and-Comer Award, on the other hand, recognizes new talent. The winners are chosen by a process of nominations that includes people who work in the industry. The awards were a surprise to the people who got them, and Vogel said he was happy and thankful. Our minutes of the event can be read in these articles:

GamesBeat Summit 2023: Web3 Gaming Industry Benefits?

GamesBeat Summit 2023: Web3 Gaming Industry Benefits?

GamesBeat Summit 2023: Visionary and Up-and-Comer Awards

Gala Games Burns Millions Worth of Its Tokens

Gala Games has taken a big step to address concerns by burning over $637 million worth of GALA tokens, or nearly 21 billion of them. The token burn, which happens after the V2 token airdrop is over, is meant to calm worries about a \”dump and exit\” scenario. Gala Games explained that these tokens were meant to help develop the ecosystem, but some stakeholders saw them as a risk. As part of its 2023 Vision Paper, the company had planned to burn 2 billion GALA tokens. However, it burned an additional 3.96 billion tokens to show the total amount of money it made. In response to concerns from the community, the largest token burn of 15 billion tokens was done. This showed that Gala was still committed to keeping tokenomics stable. At the time, all of the Ethereum transactions that were done on-chain for the burn added up to about $660 million worth of tokens. Read our article!

Openfort Raises Funds, Aims to Bring Seamless Operations in Web3 Gaming

Openfort, a cryptocurrency infrastructure startup, has raised $3 million in seed funding for its \”wallet-as-a-service\” software for game developers and publishers. Gumi Cryptos Capital and Maven 11 led the round, and Game7, NGC Ventures, and Newman Capital also took part.

The goal of Openfort is to give game studios a wallet technology that works well with browser games, PC games made with Unity and Unreal Engine 5, and, in the future, mobile games. With their technology, the company wants to make it so that users don\’t have to worry about the complicated parts of crypto transactions.

Co-founder of Openfort Joan Alavedra explained that the company\’s plan includes the idea of game sessions or session keys, in which users interact with the blockchain less often. This makes it possible to give each user a unique experience based on how they play and what they like.

Also, investors like Openfort\’s \”account abstraction\” method, which lets smart contracts start transactions without having to ask users for permission every time. By automating some things in the background, this method makes playing games easier and better.

Illuvium Zero Alpha Season

Illuvium Zero has started the first season of its Alpha test, which means players can play and get rewards. They can collect Illuvial Biodata, find blueprints, and mint them so that they can be used in the future in Illuvium Overworld. The update also adds Alpha 2.0 and gives everyone a fresh start. For players to get blueprints, they have to build and expand their base, which requires them to use advanced structures. At the end of Season One, players can make up to 15 blueprints per land plot during the minting window. You need to own land plots in order to get to Illuvium Zero. The plots can also be bought from the IlluviDex marketplace.

The focus of the game is on building a base, getting resources, and making blueprints. There are many Elements and Fuel resources to choose from. The number of resource sites and Landmarks on each plot of land is different, which affects production. Elements and Fuel can be used to make things, improve them, and do research, which leads to blueprint NFTs that can be used to make skins in other Illuvium games.

Web3 Game Gods Unchained Shares New Roadmap

Gods Unchained has shared its roadmap for 2023, which shows what will happen that year. Some of the plans for Gods Unchained include adding new game modes, making the player experience better, and putting out a mobile app. Also, the game is going in the right direction, as shown by the roadmap, and a team of six developers is leading the way. On the roadmap, there are options for sealed decks, a better way to open packs, a Content Creator program, a staking dashboard for the GODS token, the launch of a mobile app, a rewrite of the server architecture, and a big expansion. There is still more to come about the progression update. During the AMA, players can talk to the team on Discord to find out more about the details of the roadmap.

Eternal Dragons Introduces a New Affinity: Void Affinity

Eternal Dragons keeps adding new and interesting things to its already large library of in-game content. Another exciting surprise is about to be revealed in Eternal Dragons, adding to the recent rush of Eternal Dragons reveals. With the new Void Affinity, they now have a total of nine in-game associations. Now, players can use Void Affinity against their opponents to come up with ways to win. But making a plan that works is not part of the game. In the NFT game, each affinity only comes up less than half of the time.

Let\’s take a look at how Void Affinity can help players. With Void Affinity, you can beat your opponents by making their carefully thought-out plans fail. As you get more Void Affinity in the game, you\’ll be able to take away more of your opponents\’ Affinity. Teams that are well-defended and use Ice and Metal Affinities won\’t let you down. Slayers who have a lot of Fire Affinities also have a high chance of getting a critical hit. Players can change the way the fight goes by using the Void Affinity.

By putting together three levels of Void Affinity, you can even remove an enemy unit from the board, making your opponent\’s situation much worse. If you want an edge, don\’t ignore this skill that could change the game. Use the Void Affinity as part of your game plan to completely destroy your opponent\’s team. Read about Void Affinity.

Web3 Gaming: GamesBeat, GRIT, Gala Games, Openfort, Gods Unchained

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Web3 Gaming: GamesBeat, GRIT, Gala Games, Openfort, Gods Unchained

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Castle Crush – Game Review

Castle Crush is strategy game! Castle Crush is a fast-paced, real-time game in which players use decks of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to engage in 1v1 battles against each other. The goal of the game is to destroy your opponent\’s castle and emerge victorious. With its fun and interactive gameplay, Castle Crush is an exciting and engaging game that offers players the chance to earn rewards through their performance on the battlefield. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or new to the world of NFTs, Castle Crush has something to offer players of all types. In Castle Crush, there are no draws; every game ends with one player\’s castle being destroyed. The length of a game can vary, but typically lasts between one and three minutes. This fast-paced and intense gameplay makes Castle Crush an exciting and action-packed game that keeps players on the edge of their seats from start to finish. Whether you are playing to win or just looking to have a good time, Castle Crush has something to offer players of all types. In Castle Crush, players engage in real-time PVE (player versus environment) combat, in which they must defend their own castle while attempting to destroy their opponent\’s castle. To do this, they use cards in real-time, rather than taking turns in a more traditional turn-based game. This means that players must react to each attack and make strategic decisions on the fly in order to emerge victorious. The combination of fast-paced gameplay and real-time strategy makes Castle Crush an exciting and engaging game for players of all skill levels. Castle Crush Card Categorization and Gameplay: Minion cards and spell cards are the two different categories of cards. Three lanes that link the Castles together are used for the battle. Cards are placed in a lane and go into effect right away. Castles are incapable of defending themselves. A Minion will begin attacking the Castle if they reach the end of a lane. Players can choose to ignore one or even two lanes and rush their opponent in the third lane because the castle\’s health is distributed throughout all three lanes(s). The 1v1 game ends when the castle\’s health reaches zero.

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Evaverse – Game Review

Evaverse is a digital landscape where the players can deeply immerse into the metaverse and fully experience the virtual world through playing different games. It is an NFT social sports game on the Steam platform that allows the players to host their own servers and battle each other in PvP style on the sports field. The game comprises many games like Hoverboarding, Low Gravity, Soccer, Tag, Railgun, and Bowling. In Hoverboarding, the players battle each other out in a Hoverboard race. Evaverse Games Details: In Low Gravity, the players try to get to the highest point on the map by manipulating their gravity. In the game, Railgun, the players can shoot each other from afar on the map. While all the other games are self-explanatory. The winner gets to earn EVA tokens to buy in-game NFTs on the marketplace or invest in the coin itself by buying and selling on the Binance platform. The NFTs include the player avatars, hoverboards, soccer balls, etc. various events are organized in Evaverse and Hoverboard is the most popular event game on the platform. The hoverboard itself is an NFT that has prestige points from 0 to 100, with 0 being the most common and 100 the rarest. Rare items have a higher value and using them in the race grants higher experience points to players. Each hoverboard NFT is unique in itself as there are different stats like speed, handling, acceleration, etc. that make up a hoverboard’s character and the variations of these stats help create a unique board. Players can also summon pet turtles which help in hoverboard races and are NFTs as well. Players can join together as teams to form guilds. Moreover, during rare seasonal events, players can earn limited-time NFTs of greater rarity and much greater price. Evaverse is a fun way to earn and experience the metaverse.

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Explore Decentraland: A Blockchain-Powered Virtual World

Decentraland is a 3D virtual reality platform that operates on the Ethereum blockchain, offering users a decentralized metaverse where they can create, trade, and explore immersive digital experiences. Founded by Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano, Decentraland has evolved into a groundbreaking virtual world that empowers creators and users while utilizing blockchain technology. Here\’s an extensive summary of Decentraland\’s key features and dynamics. Land Ownership and Building: At the core of Decentraland is the concept of land ownership. Users can purchase virtual plots of land called LAND. Each LAND token represents a 33×33 ft. piece of virtual land within Decentraland\’s metaverse. These LAND tokens are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on the ERC721 protocol, making them tradeable assets just like traditional NFTs. LAND owners have the creative freedom to build various 3D structures and artwork on their land parcels, from houses and theaters to offices and museums, and even banks, shopping malls, grocery stores, sculptures, landscapes, and towers. Tokenomics: Decentraland\’s economy revolves around two tokens: LAND and MANA. LAND tokens, as mentioned earlier, represent virtual land ownership. MANA is the platform\’s native cryptocurrency, which operates as an ERC-20 token. MANA has several use cases within the ecosystem, including purchasing items in the Decentraland Marketplace, acquiring tickets to virtual events, and obtaining LAND tokens. MANA is also fungible, making it easily tradable on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance.

Immersive Experience:
Decentraland offers an immersive experience where users can customize their avatars to their liking, enhancing the sense of presence in the virtual world. The decentralized nature of the platform extends to governance, allowing members to vote on policy changes, land auctions, and subsidies. This democratic approach adds a layer of realism to the virtual experience, mirroring real-world decision-making processes.

Platform Architecture:
Decentraland operates on a three-layered architecture. The Consensus Layer tracks LAND ownership, the Land Content Layer handles asset distribution, and the Real-Time Layer facilitates peer-to-peer interactions, enabling a seamless and interactive virtual world.

Development and ICO:
Development of Decentraland began in 2015, culminating in a closed beta launch in 2019 and a public release in February 2020. The project raised $24 million through an initial coin offering (ICO) in August 2017. Notably, Decentraland\’s MANA tokens are mined using ASIC mining rigs, employing a proof-of-work consensus mechanism similar to Ethereum. Additionally, off-chain voting through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) allows the community to participate in governance decisions.

Token Supply:
The total supply of MANA tokens is capped at 2.19 billion, and users can acquire MANA through various centralized and decentralized exchanges, including Coinbase.

Unique Features:
Decentraland differentiates itself from other virtual worlds by offering a decentralized and user-owned metaverse. This empowers creators to fully realize the value of their creations, while users have greater control over their virtual experiences, content, and interactions.

Activities in Decentraland:
Within Decentraland, users can engage in a wide range of activities, including socializing, gaming, exploring user-generated scenes, visiting virtual galleries, attending events, and trading virtual assets. These activities make Decentraland a dynamic and engaging virtual world.

Participation in Governance:
Decentraland\’s governance system allows MANA and LAND token holders to participate in shaping the platform\’s future. Users can propose changes, vote on policy decisions, and actively contribute to the development of the metaverse.

In summary, Decentraland represents a pioneering virtual reality metaverse that leverages blockchain technology to create a decentralized, user-driven ecosystem. It offers users the opportunity to own virtual land, engage in creative activities, and participate in the governance of a truly immersive and interactive virtual world.

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Hooked Protocol – Game Review

Hooked Protocol serves as an edutainment platform strategically ushering users into the world of Web3. This platform passionately tackles the hurdles of Web3 adoption, striving to stimulate mass adoption through a transformative approach. It centers on an engaging, gamified, and socially enriched learning journey. Their mission? Crafting a seamless entry point into this new digital frontier, equipped with tailor-made Learn and Earn solutions and a robust infrastructure to welcome users and businesses alike.

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