Web3 Games: The YGG Way 2024

Web3 Games: The YGG Way 2024

Learning Web3 Skills and Knowledge: The YGG Way

The internet, as we know, has revolutionized the world by penetrating everywhere. We have changed the way we conduct our day-to-day business. Moreover, the way we collaborate, communicate, and connect with people and businesses around the world is a big example of the impact Web2 has on us. However, we live in Web2, surrounded by the internet, which is in the hands of only a handful of corporations. So, the centralization of the internet makes us dependent on a few powerful and influential people in the world. On the contrary, its successor, Web3, is more immersive, decentralized, and inclusive. It offers decentralization in a way where an average citizen will have ownership and participation rights in the ecosystem.

Although blockchain technology has been in existence for more than ten years, the Web3 movement is still in its nascent phase. The movement saw more followers when Decentralized Finance, also known as DeFi, gained momentum. People from different parts of the world began experimenting with newly launched platforms. The idea was to reinvent some of the financial primitives of the traditional financial system using this innovative technology.

Despite its challenging user experience, the DeFi ecosystem was open to all individuals, regardless of their gender, geographic location, or socioeconomic status. But how did people acquired and learned about Web3 skills despite its complexities? Especially when there is no formal education about Web3 in schools, colleges, and universities, how did people learn about it?

How did the Phillippines acquire Web3 Skills?

The Philippines is a prime example in this case.

Blockchain games were among the applications that provided a fun way to learn about the system without requiring any prior knowledge of financial primitives.

This led to an unexpected adoption phenomenon in the Philippines. Individuals in rural areas of the Philippines, who were under lockdown and out of work during the COVID-19 pandemic, turned to blockchain games. They adopted it as a means to generate income and become owners of digital assets.

As a result, these individuals acquired various essential Web3 skills and transformed into proficient users of the technology. As of now, the Philippines holds the second rank on the Chainalysis 2022 Global Crypto Adoption Index. It is among the top three countries worldwide with the most number of users of the MetaMask Ethereum wallet.

This information indicates that blockchain games have served as effective entry points to Web3, enhancing accessibility for those who can reap the most benefits.

The amalgamation of video games and cryptocurrencies has propelled us towards remarkable progress in the finance industry\’s future. It will lead to the emergence of completely new virtual economies in the open metaverse and create new employment opportunities.

Learning Web3 Skills The YGG Way

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is one of the most extensive Web3 gaming guilds. It allows its members to assume roles within the organization without seeking permission. All they need to do is create their YGG Guild Badge, which is a non-fungible token (NFT) representing their membership in the guild. With this badge, they can take part in a number of community-led projects and programs that support YGG\’s mission as a whole.

As guild members make individual advancements, they receive extra NFT badges that acknowledge their accomplishments and reward their hard work. For instance, a guild member may receive an NFT badge for producing educational content, participating on behalf of the guild in a Web3 e-sports competition, or finishing a course at Web3 Metaversity, a YGG and Nas Academy initiative.

YGG Metaverse Resume

YGG refers to this as the \’metaverse resume.\’ Unlike conventional resumes on platforms such as LinkedIn, where individuals can choose what to include about their experiences and accomplishments. For transparency and provenance, a reliable organization has issued and recorded these NFT badges on the blockchain.

As a result, they serve as a permanent, verifiable, and entirely decentralized representation of an individual\’s digital identity and reputation. Additionally, the recipient retains control of these NFT badges in their personal wallet, and they are not held by YGG or any platform we own. Therefore, guild members have full ownership of these digital assets and can even become part-owners in our organization.

When combined with other digital assets that individuals hold, these markers of reputation produce an impartial portrayal of an individual\’s background, accomplishments, and associations.

In the future, the metaverse resume may have the potential to replace existing identification systems. Moreover, it will integrate with other applications to access a variety of on-chain services connected to creating, trading, and communicating.

Practical Benefits

This is significant because verifying identity and demonstrating a positive reputation has been a challenge in certain areas. Such as in the Philippines, where there is a humorous saying that you require a legitimate ID to obtain another legitimate ID.

Filipinos encounter difficulties regarding the issuance, presentation, sharing, protection, and validation of a variety of credentials and qualifications for different uses. Consequently, the system is full of administrative inefficiencies and bureaucratic obstacles that have led to the emergence of intermediaries and counterfeiters who function as gatekeepers, imposing privilege, exploiting weaknesses, and determining the right to engage in society.

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In Bubblefong Friends, players can enjoy playing with their favorite Pinkfong Baby Shark characters and immerse themselves in the story and world of Baby Shark. The game offers a unique gameplay experience that is a combination of classic arcade puzzle games and battle royale game styles.

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The Pinkfong Company\’s Pinkfong Wonderstar and Baby Shark partner characters are popular among kids and adults alike, and the game offers a unique opportunity to play with these beloved characters in a new and exciting way. The game also offers a range of competitive game modes, making it a fun and engaging experience for all players.

In conclusion, Bubblefong Friends is an innovative game that combines the classic arcade puzzle games with the casual bubble shooter and battle royale game styles. With the inclusion of Pinkfong Wonderstar and Baby Shark partner characters, the game offers a unique experience that engages players of all ages.

Web3 Games: The YGG Way 2024

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The Sandbox Game: Creative World-Building, NFTs, Play-to-Earn

The Sandbox is a living, breathing virtual environment filled with user-made creations. Players can develop and create their own NFTs, such as avatars, virtual items, and even games. The Sandbox is a game in which players can make their own worlds and explore them. With thousands of different-sized plots to choose from, players can build games, social places, or anything else their imaginations can come up with. The game is made up of voxels, like Minecraft, and each voxel object can be added from an outside editor. The Sandbox Game Maker is based on Unity and has a scripting language that keeps getting better. This lets builders make something truly special. The owner of a plot has full power over what is built on it. This makes it possible to make a wide variety of games, from RPGs to dance games and more. Through the Game Maker, players can join and play any public game. Some of these games allow players to talk to each other. The Sandbox Review: The Sandbox started out as a mobile game in 2012. In 2018, Animoca Brands bought the rights to the game and started making a blockchain-based web3 version. The first land plots were sold in December 2019, and the public can still buy them in 2020 and 2021. Over 100,000 land NFTs are being sold right now, and many of them come with special NFTs that were made by one of the many partners for the sale. There are no play-to-earn opportunities that last forever right now, but each experience in The Sandbox has the chance to make its own play-to-earn features. The Sandbox does run a constant series of special events with different partners, where players can earn SAND tokens and NFT rewards by finishing quests in different experiences. The way you get rewards will change from plot to plot, and each game will have its own way to play to earn. There is only one token in the Sandbox. It is called SAND and is an ERC-20 utility token that can be used on both Polygon and the Ethereum mainnet. SAND can be bought and sold on many centralized and decentralized exchanges. It has a maximum amount of 3 billion, but only about 1 billion are in circulation at any given time. On the Polygon network, you can get prizes for staking in the Sandbox. Players can start using The Sandbox right away by downloading the Game Maker and VoxEdit from the Sandbox site. The Sandbox also has a game launcher that lets you play games that other people have made. Players will have to go through a KYC/identity verification process and link a wallet in order to get prizes from events. Overall, The Sandbox is a creative and unique game that lets players explore and make their own worlds. The Sandbox is a game that you should check out because you can earn prizes and the game keeps getting better.

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Axieology – Game Review

Axieology is a mobile game that takes place in a retro pixelated universe. The game is set in the world of Axie Infinity, which is an NFT (non-fungible token) game. The game is designed to be played on mobile devices and combines elements of blockchain technology with classic gaming fun. Players can engage in gameplay to earn rewards and collect unique NFTs. The game has a retro pixel art design, adding to its charm and nostalgia for players. Axieology Synopsis: Axieology is a mobile blockchain game that is set in the alternate universe of the popular NFT game, Axie Infinity. The game has a retro pixelated design and is focused on providing players with a fun gaming experience, rather than solely focusing on the aspect of earning rewards. While it is possible to earn a bit of extra cash through gameplay, the main emphasis is on enjoying the game. In terms of NFTs, players can use the same NFTs from Axie Infinity in this game, and there are no exclusive NFTs for Axieology. The game takes inspiration from games like Plants vs Zombies and Tamagotchi and is designed to be played for free, with already-owned Axies being rotated in for play. There is no need to purchase any additional Axies in order to play the game. Storyline: This version of the game is not as fast-paced as the other versions. Here players will be defending the homes of their Axies against the invasion of the vicious Chimeras. Axieology Gameplay: The game will make it to iOS first and follows a free-to-play model. As there will not be any need to purchase new Axies and the game would provide its own to play various modes of gaming, there is still the option of playing with your own Axies in the premium mode of the game. The game has three sections – “Tower”, “Home”, and “Battle”. In the Tower section, you can manage all the towers that your Axies are based on where you can prepare for battle and create teams of 5 Axies. In the Home sections, you can see the homes of your Axies and interact with them like feeding them. Finally, in the Battle section, the Axies can defend their homes against the hordes of Chimeras. Axieology Tokenomics: NFTs are not tokens in this game, instead, six colors of gems will help upgrade corresponding class Axies and class towers. Players shall use Black crystal to renovate Axie’s homes.

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Chromatic Souls AFK Raid – Game Review

Chromatic Souls AFK Raid is a tactical RPG NFT game that gives players a lot of NFT equipment, skills, and characters to help them win the battle. When it comes to Chromatic Souls AFK Raid is a crypto game that takes place in the Middle Ages. You play a member of the Adventurer Alliance, a group that is supposed to deal with the monster\’s battle. Because of the threat of the Chromatic Dragon, more and more creatures are coming into the world. So the only way to protect yourself, your teammates, and the people around you is to fight these monsters. As with any good role-playing game, you can choose from a number of classes to do this. In Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid, you can play as a mage, knight, rogue, or druid, each of which has its own set of skills and gear. As you move through the Kingdom of Rohan, you can play in one of three ways. The first one is called \”idle mode.\” You can get the benefits of fighting even if you aren\’t actively playing the game, which is great for people who don\’t have much free time. There are also auto-fight and boss-battle modes. With little work, you can get rewards that are worth a lot.

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Tiny World – Game Review

Tiny World is a blockchain metaverse game that you can play on the Binance Smart Chain network. If you play to earn, you can get Tiny Hero NFTs. Tiny World is a revolutionary blockchain game that combines NFT, DeFi, and gaming elements in a way that works well. It also has a wide range of products and a diverse ecosystem, such as Tiny Farm, which is a complete DeFi system with Yield Aggregator, Liquidity Mining, NFT Farming, and more. Tiny Kingdom is a trading game where you don\’t have to do anything to earn rewards. You can also compete to be at the top of different leaderboards. You build and defend your own dungeon in this simulation game while taking rewards from other players. Connect your wallet and use the $TINC token to buy a mystery box with heroes of different levels and rarities. This is how you start your adventure. Immerse yourself in Tiny World\’s world and enjoy how well the NFTs, DeFi, and fun gameplay all work together.

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